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There are many places to get flowers, either for sale or free. Flowers can often be smelled, worn, or braided into hair. They tend to wither over time and can not be pickled or dried.


The braid verb can be used with certain kinds of flowers to add a description line to the targeted character. For example:

She has a bunch of sense and sensibilities neatly braided into her hair.

A maximum of 5 flowers can be braided into a person's hair.

Braiding does not prevent withering.


The verb can be self-targeted or used socially to braid the hair of others. After braiding a flower it will be removed from your inventory.

braid <object> {in|into} <living> hair 
braid <object> {in|into} my hair 
braid <living> hair with <object> 
braid hair of <living> with <object> 
braid my hair with <object>

While braiding can be social, unbraiding or removeing can only be done to one's self. After unbraiding a flower it will be returned to your inventory.

unbraid <flower(s)> from my hair
remove <flower(s)> from my hair 


Eringyas' Surprising Bouquet

Eringyas' Surprising Bouquet is a wizard spell that randomly summons up a bouquet of one of the following: Anemones, baby's breath, bachelor's buttons, bat-flowers, bleeding hearts, camellias, fuchsias, heliotropes, matthiola stocks, moonflowers, oleanders, rain-daisies, sense and sensibilities.

These flowers can be braided into your hair, but not worn. They will eventually become withered.

Flipping coins

If you flip a coin in an area with sufficiently high background magic, there's a chance you can end up with a bouquet of Eringyas' Surprising Bouquet flowers.

flip ptascp
You flip one Djelian ptascp.
Balefire blossoms, and one Djelian ptascp turns into a bunch of flowers.
HHH@ H   
The land is lit up by the eerie light of the waning crescent moon.
This is the Hub of the Discworld, the focal point for its powerful standing magic field.  The pale, glowing spire of the Hub dominates the skies, spiralling upwards towards Cori Celesti, the residence of the Disc's selfish and generally self-centred Gods.  The spire seems to emit a low hum, no doubt resonating with the strong magical vibrations in the area.  Glaciers stretch out in all directions.  Very close to the east rises the towering spire of the Hub.
It is a colder than a brass monkey secundus summer's night with almost no wind and medium cloud cover.
There are four obvious exits: climb north, climb east, climb south and climb west.
A bunch of camellias is on the ground.

That is, however, only one of many results.


In some places, in some seasons, you can gather flowers.  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 

Bernita's Flower Shop

Bernita's Flower Shop is on Treacle Street, east of Dragon's Landing in Ankh-Morpork. If you like, you can add a note to the flowers you order, or have them delivered to another player which will be done immediately if they're logged in or upon their next login if they're not. This works even if the player is too inactive to be mailed.

She sells a Merry Hogswatch bouquet, a black orchid, a bouquet of sweet-smelling freesias, a bunch of deadly nightshades, a bunch of pink rabbit ears, a bunch of ultraviolet weeds, a buttercup, a cluster of starflowers, a daisy chain, a dandelion, a dark rose, a delicate orchid, a forget-me-not, a four-leafed clover, a handful of ragweed, a honeysuckle blossom, a laurel wreath, a midnight rose, a pink carnation, a pot of Lancrastian violets, a purple rose, a red rose, a red tulip, a scarlet poppy, a small pink flower, a small potted cactus, a spray of sweet-smelling jasmine, a sprig of lilac, a thorny stem, a tiger lily, a white rose, a white rose and lily bridal corsage, a wild cherry blossom twig, a wreath of flowers, a yellow carnation, a yellow rose, an armful of daffodils, an impossibly large sunflower or an iris stem.

These flowers can be braided into your hair, or worn.

They will eventually wither, and you'll get a message when they become completely withered:

Your bunch of deadly nightshades withers.

Flower lady

A flower lady sells flowers on the southeast part of God's Collar, around the Isle of Gods in Ankh-Morpork.

The flower lady says to you: I have the following items for sale:
The flower lady says to you: I have two beautiful glass orchids for A$54.37 each.
The flower lady says to you: I have five edible flowers for A$1.25 each.
The flower lady says to you: I have four bunches of beautiful roses for A$23.87 each.
The flower lady says to you: I have five bunches of red roses for A$15 each.
The flower lady says to you: I have eight bright yellow daffodils for A$2.43 each.
The flower lady says to you: I have two pleasant blue flowers for A$5.85 each.
The flower lady says to you: I have two beautiful red roses for A$2 each.
The flower lady says to you: I have eight beautiful flower pins for A$9.62 each.
The flower lady says to you: And finally I have five bunches of flowers for 12p each.

Some of them can be braided into your hair, but not worn.

Rose seller

The rose seller wanders around Ankh-Morpork in the nights, visiting its bars. During day time he is in his home. He sells various roses.

These roses can be braided into your hair.

They will eventually wither.

Valentino's Flower Stall

Valentino's Flower Stall is in Sheepridge. He sells bouquets of twelve long stemmed red roses, corsages of fragrant freesias, enormous bouquets of sunflowers, huge bunches of yellow daisies, rare exotic orchids, wahoonie buttonholes, and wedding bouquets of Klatchian lilies.

These can be worn, but not braided.

A tussie mussie shop

A tussie mussie shop in Mad Wolf sells pre-made and custom bouquets of herbs and flowers. Each one has its own symbolism, which shows up in the finished bouquet for custom bouquets, or on the note for pre-made ones. You can have them delivered to someone who is online, if you want.

You can include any of agrimony, allspice, angelica, balm, basil, bay, bay leaf, birch, borage, broom, burnet, camelia, carnation, chamomile, chives, clover, coriander, costmary, cress, daisy, dandelion, dill, elderberry, elderflower, fennel, forget-me-not, geranium, heather, heliotrope, hibiscus, hollyhock, honesty, hops, horehound, hyssop, iris, ivy, jasmine, lady's mantle, lamb's ears, lavender, lemon balm, lily of the valley, linden blossom, marigold, marjoram, mint, mugwort, myrtle, nasturtium, olive, pansy, parsley, pennyroyal, poppy, rose, rosemary, rue, saffron, sage, sorrel, southernwood, strawberry, sweet basil, sweet pea, tansy, thyme, valerian, violet, wormwood and yarrow.

These can be worn, but not braided.

Smelling one will make you feel really calm and at peace with the world for a short time.

Calypso Blooms

Calypso Blooms, on Calypso Street in Genua, lets you order create custom bouquets of up to three kinds of flowers. You can get them delivered to another player, if you like.

The available flowers here are calypso, cosmos, daffodil, dwarf beard iris, foxglove, gloxinia, lupine, red rose, tiger lily and white rose.

These cannot be worn or braided.

A Genuan florists

A Genuan florists, on Minaret Street along the southeast edge of Genua, sells Diamond City lilies, lizard's tails, blue sages, sunrise coloured lilies, and posies of white orchids.

These can be worn, but not braided.

Floral Designs

Floral Designs, on the second floor of Milords and Miladies in Ankh-Morpork, sells buttonholes and bridal bouquets.

Buttonholes can be worn, but not braided, and bouquets can be neither worn nor braided. Bouquets can be held and tossed.


Small yellow caterpillars will eat flowers that are left on the ground in the same room as them.

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