Flower Arranging

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Flower arranging (known as ikebana in Japanese culture) requires a good eye for beauty and balance. Once you've crafted an arranging vase in the guild's pottery workshop, you can create a beautiful arrangement of flowers in your vase. For the truly special occasions, white gardenias may also be inserted into the arrangement. You will need to make an arranging vase in the pottery workshop, and if you wish to include a gardenia you must buy one from Iki Banu.


arrange flowers in <vase>



A good flower arrangement exemplifies the importance of design and balance.

insert gardenia into arrangement




The gardenia, which boasts an elegant white blossom, represents honour and finality in Agatean culture.

present <arrangement> for inspection

Iki Banu will grade your arrangement and provide feedback.

Iki Banu examines the simple flower arrangement.
You present the simple flower arrangement to Iki Banu.
Iki Banu says: Not bad, Kawakisan you seem to have understood the basics.
Iki Banu says: You have concealed the poisoned flower well into the somewhat simple arrangement.