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==External links==
==External links==
*[http://discworld.atuin.net/lpc/playing/documentation.c?path=/spells/Floron's_Fabulous_Mirror Discworld spell help: Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel]
*[http://discworld.atuin.net/lpc/playing/documentation.c?path=/spells/Floron's_Fabulous_Mirror Discworld spell help: Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel]
*[http://spc.darkmud.co.uk/info/spell.php?id=ffm The Spellcheck Project: Floron's Fabulous Mirror]
*[http://disc-wizards.com/Spells/spellstats/spell/ffm The Spellcheck Project: Floron's Fabulous Mirror]

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Floron's Fabulous Mirror
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
GP cost 40
Mind space 15
Thaums 3
Components A mirror
Tome Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Everything

Floron's Fabulous Mirror (abbreviated as FFM) is a miscellaneous spell that shows the caster the current room of the target.

Spell details

This spell costs 40 gp to cast and takes up 15 units of mind space.



A mirror of any type.

Casting messages

You concentrate on the mirror, pushing your mind into it.
You think about finding things out.
You wave your hands over the mirror.
The silver mirror seems to urge you to gaze into it.
> gaze into mirror
You see a vision in the silver mirror:
Endless Street continues to the west and curves northeast to the east.
One or two people wander past, apparently heading somewhere.
It is a pleasantly warm summer prime's afternoon with almost no wind and a beautifully clear sky.
There are two obvious exits: west and east.
Heric Whiteblade is standing here.
A street lamp is here.
Failure (failed skillcheck)
Your reflection in the mirror suddenly turns strange...

Hallucinations are a side effect as well.

To others
Wizard stares into the mirror, apparently trying to fix her hair.
Wizard looks pensive.
Wizard waves her hands over the mirror.

Defending against

The magic.methods.spiritual.abjuring skill defends against scrying with this spell.

See also

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