Finely crafted fireplace

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Long Description


This fireplace is surrounded by an ornately carved mahogany framework and has a beautifully finished brass hearth.
The hearth is blackened with ashes and old embers.
It is in excellent condition.
On the finely crafted fireplace are two small logs.

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Appraises As

The finely crafted fireplace is about two feet long and about two feet wide. It is made of some unidentifiable material and could be placed as furniture. It can hold about 11 pounds or can hold about forty items.

Additional Information

Needs a flint to light unless you are a wizard, in which case you can just zap a fireball at it.

Holds 4 large logs, 4 dung fuel or 6 small logs. 1 large log will burn into a handful of fine grey ash.

The fire emits lovely crackling noises and soothing heat while lit.

The fireplace can bug light levels if someone leaves the room while it is lit.