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Find Corpse
Ritual information
Deities Pishe Hat
GP cost 40
Components holy amulet
Required powers Movement Sight Speech
Learned At 60 levels
Skills faith.rituals.misc.area
Resisted By y
Angers? y
Type Miscellaneous
Steps 2
Targets none
Description Shows the direction to a corpse.
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help


Derived from find, this ritual only locates corpses. Sometimes corpses are hard to find (in the plains for example), so this ritual could help a Pishite to find his target.


> perform find corpse
You utter a quick prayer.
You hold up your set of sapphire prayer beads.
A soft voice gently whispers: Whose corpse do you wish to find?
> taffyd
Your set of sapphire prayer beads rapidly swings due west.


Some city rooms are further apart than others, so the results you get when you and the corpse are in the same city will vary depending on where you are. In order of closest to furthest away, the messages are:

  • hangs perfectly still: In the same room
  • rapidly: either 1 room away in AM, in the same building, or just outside the building.
  • hastily: 2 - 5 rooms away in AM, or 1 - 2 rooms away in BP
  • hurriedly: 6 - 21 rooms away in AM, or 3 - 10 rooms away in BP
  • swiftly: 22 - ? rooms away in AM, or 11 - 20 rooms away in BP
  • quickly: from about halfway across AM to about three-fourths of the way across AM, or about 21 - 33 rooms away in BP
  • briskly: from about three-fourths of the way across AM to at least the entire distance across AM, or about 34 - 50 rooms away in BP
  • deliberately: 51 rooms away or more in BP
  • steadily: just outside the city with the corpse, or 1 - 5 rooms away from the terrain room with the corpse
  • ponderously: up to about 10 rooms away from the city with the corpse, or 6 - 14 rooms away from the terrain room with the corpse
  • gradually: more than about ten rooms away from the city with the corpse (or if the corpse is in a terrain room, 15 or more rooms away from the corpse) and up to 50 rooms or so.
  • almost imperceptibly: can take up Find's "gradually" range and then some (up to 440 miles away)
  • slowly: about the distance from AM to Gloomy, OC, Lancre Town, or Djelibeybi
  • indolently: about the distance from DJB to OC or Escrow
  • sluggishly: about the distance from AM to Genua or Bes Pelargic
  • almost imperceptibly: about the distance from BP to Genua or west of DJB - very probably the largest range.

Find Corpse appears to use the same messages as Find, until somewhere in the "ponderously" stage. After this point, performing Find and Find Corpse on a living thing and a corpse in the same room can give different results. They seem to go back to using the same messages at the beginning of the "slowly" range.

Sometimes you may also get a message of "swings wildly in every direction". This happens when:

  • There are multiple corpses
  • It's impossible to find the right direction (for example, when you are in your passage room)

If the corpse has decayed, has been buried, or otherwise doesn't exist, you get the message, "The voice fades away whispering: I cannot find a corpse belonging to '<name>'."

If there are multiple corpses, there's also a possibility you'll get a message for each one. This may be skill-based.

Find corpse will give one of 8 directions, however it will only indicate one of the 4 compass points (N, S, E or W) if the body lies directly along the line concerned. Thus a corpse that is "almost imperceptibly northwest" could be one room north and fifty to four hundred and fifty rooms west, or one room west and fifty to four hundred and fifty rooms north.

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