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Command information
GP Cost 30
Learnt At 10 fighting.special.tactics
Skills Used Using a weapon:


Items Needed None
Guild Available to all

Feint is a fighting command which can be used to mislead an opponent during combat, causing them to expend time and effort in defending against an attack that never arrives. This leaves them at a disadvantage against a future attack.


Feint may be performed either with a weapon or while unarmed. In order to successfully mislead an opponent, it is necessary to:

Note that feint cannot be used against an opponent who is prone, as a result of the trip or shove commands. Likewise, an opponent who has just been feinted cannot be feinted again (by anyone) for a short period until they recover.


Feint does not do any direct damage, but it does deplete the victim's action pointsresearch. This may slow their rate of attack or, in extreme cases, leave them temporarily unable to defend themself.

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