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Weapon information
Precise dimensions No information
Material No information
Weight 5 lb
Thaums/sec  ? stable / ? talisman / ? max
Hands 1
Commands Slash Stab Iai
Melee type Sword
Judge data
No melee judge information

Long Description

The blade of this ornate yet savage looking short sword is long and thick, broadening from the hilt before tapering into a sharp, wicked looking point. Fancy scrollwork traces intricate, silvery lines up and down the blade and hilt, which is made of a fine hard redwood. This weapon is clearly designed for hacking at one's enemies, and made for the discerning gentleman hacker.

Appraises As

The falchion is about three feet long and four inches wide. It is made of steel and could be used as a weapon of type sword.


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