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Faith is provided by 7 player-accessible deities and several rituals. Most deities grant up to 2 "worshipper" rituals to non priests who choose to follow that deity, and several more to their priests. The exception is Pishe, who does not accept followers.


  • Fish, God of Sea Creatures
    • Fish, God of Sea Creatures, is primarily concerned with the propagation of sea life. Avid hunters, His priests are often a salty lot, and rough around the edges to say the least. Worshippers of Fish generally share a love of seafood as well as a practical interest in conservation so that hunting will always be a possibility.
  • Gapp, God of Fine Clothing
    • Often considered an elitist, Gapp and His priests make a point of being the best-dressed at any public function. The sense of style of His worshippers is asunquestionable as it is changeable, with new fashions tearing through His temples on a weekly basis. Gapp is a god who believes He is the best, and He knows how to dress properly for the position.
  • Gufnork, God of Fluff
    • As the God of Fluff, Gufnork and His priests enjoy an insulated life spent in meditation upon the softer aspects of life. Usually stereotyped as intellectuals with little care for worldly matters, followers of Gufnork have developed a reputation for tandoffishness. Worshippers of Him often seek to improve the lives of others, so that more people will have the leisure and inclination to contemplate the glory of Gufnork.
  • Hat, Vulture-Headed God of Unexpected Guests
    • As the God of Unexpected Guests, Hat and His priests are renowned for their erratic behaviour and unpredictability. His worshippers have a penchant for parties, especially if they involve hiding behind furniture then leaping out to shout 'Surprise!' Generally free spirited, the followers of Hat frequently express their piety by travelling to new places, meeting new people, and engaging in new experiences. In keeping with his vulture-like nature, Hat can spot a good party, opportunity for mischief, or tasty corpse from miles away.
  • Pishe, Goddess of Slight Showers
    • The goddess Pishe is focused upon growth and regeneration. Her slight showers are ideal for the proliferation of plants, which in turn nurture animals and people. Her priests and priestesses often live peaceful lives, devoted to the protection of the living things which Pishe loves so dearly. She is generally viewed as the matron of healers, herbalists, and anyone else that shares Her love of growth.
  • Sandelfon, God of Corridors
    • As the God of Corridors, Sandelfon and His followers are most at home in the large buildings where the powerful gather to orchestrate the lives of others. Dedicated to the careful balancing of things (often in their own favour), they frequently engage in complicated political manoeuvres to achieve their view of acceptable balance. Sandelfon is often worshipped by politicians, lawyers, bureaucrats, and administrators, whether their intentions be selfless or not.
  • Seven-Handed Sek
    • Sek is a God who knows what He wants and His seven hands are ideal for getting ahold of it. His followers usually share His drive for self-gratification and tend to enjoy doing whatever is necessary to take what they desire from someone else. Imbued with a natural sense of cruelty, Sek's worshippers frequently inflict misery upon others as a preferred method of showing their commitment to Him.