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===Teaching XP===
===Teaching XP===
[[Teaching]] another player skills results in the teacher being awarded 10% of the XP spent by the student if the teacher was able to teach without difficulty, less otherwise.
[[Teaching]] another player skills results in the teacher being awarded the XP spent by the student raised to the power of 0.8 for each level that the teacher was able to teach without difficulty, reduced by 50% for a level where the teacher failed the teaching skillcheck.
===Newspaper XP===
===Newspaper XP===

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Experience points (or XP) are a measure of how much a player has learnt from their experience. They are earned by various means - most significantly by killing enemies - and can be spent to increase levels in skills.

Gaining experience points

Mudlib-unconf.gif This section contains formulae or data from the distribution mudlib. This information may be several years out of date, so needs to be verified as correct. You can help by performing research to validate it.

There exist many ways by which experience points can be gained:

Kill and burial XP

Kill XP is earned when a player kills an enemy. The amount of XP rewarded increases in relation to the 'difficulty' of the target killed. When a player kills an enemy, a proportion of the total kill XP is immediately rewarded, and the remainder is given when the kill is buried.

Note that:

  • Most unique NPCs give zero XP when killed.
  • You don't get any burial XP if you were not the one who killed the target.
  • You can only get burial XP once per victim - recovering the corpse and re-burying it does not award further XP.
  • If someone else buries a victim you killed while you're still in the room, you will get some, but not all, of the burial xp.

Once the kill XP has been determined, it is adjusted for each person that was in combat with the victim as follows:

  • It is divided by the number of people in combat with the victim (unless the killers are grouped, in which case see below).
  • If the victor is of higher guild level than the victim, then the XP is scaled down according to the ratio of their levels (eg. a level 200 player killing a level 100 victim only gets half the XP that a level 100 player killing the same victim would).
  • The XP is scaled down in proportion to the victor's wimpy level (so a wimpy of 10% results in 90% of the XP being awarded, for example).

For kills made by groups, the XP is divided up in a rather complex fashion. The following process is used to determine the XP value of a kill awarded to each group member:

  1. Whoever landed the killing blow gets the full XP value of the victim.
  2. Any other group members not in the same room get nothing.
  3. Other group members are awarded the kill XP value as scaled by the table below.
  4. If the other group member's GL is less than half the killer's GL, then their XP is reduced roughly in proportion to the ratio of twice their GL to the killer's GL. So, for example, if the target was killed by a player of GL 200, then another group member of GL 50 will have their XP scaled by (2 * 50 / 200), or 50%
Group size Kill XP scaling for non-killer
1 N/A
2 66%
3 40%
4 29%
5 22%
6 18%

Command XP

All guild commands give XP when executed. The XP rewarded is as follows:

  • Commands for the player's guild usually give 30x GP as XP.
  • Commands for another guild (or for no particular guild) give 15x GP as XP.
  • Commands that are able to use all available GP give less xp. These commands include:

This XP award is reduced based on how often the command in question has been executed and how many other commands have been executed in the meantime. Every time the player executes a command (or casts a particular spell/ritual), the MUD increments a count for that command. The counter is halved if the command hasn't been executed in the last 5 minutes. The XP award is divided by (1 + count) if the count is less than 10, and is set to zero if the count is 10 or more.

Heartbeat XP

The simplest of all XP to gain, heartbeat XP is a uniform 3 XP per 'heartbeat'. The heartbeat rate is approximately one per two seconds, though this varies in periods of lag.

Exploration XP

Exploration XP is a small amount of XPresearch awarded to a player whenever they cause a room to be loaded - that is, to enter a room that no one else has been in for a while.

Quest XP

Quests give an amount of XP related to the QP value of the questresearch.

Level XP awarded
1 15000
2 40000
3 75000
4 120000
5 175000
6 240000
7 315000

Achievement XP

Achievements given an amount of XP related to the level of the achievement, as follows:

Level XP awarded
Minor 5000
Small 15000
Moderate 35000
Large 75000
Huge 155000
Massive 627500
Epic 1267500
Legendary 2547500
Mythic 5107500

Teaching XP

Teaching another player skills results in the teacher being awarded the XP spent by the student raised to the power of 0.8 for each level that the teacher was able to teach without difficulty, reduced by 50% for a level where the teacher failed the teaching skillcheck.

Newspaper XP

Writing articles for newspapers gives XP as follows:

  • The authors of the each article get 60000 XP.
  • The newspaper's editors get 10% of the total article XP, plus 120000 XP; the editor XP is divided up between all the editors.

Resurrection XP

Successfully resurrecting someone gives the priest a portion of the xp that the former ghost got returned.

Spending XP

Players spend their XP by increasing their skills, by one of the following means:

  • Advancing their skills at their guild.
  • Learning from another player.
  • Learning from themself.

Advancing skills at the guild is significantly cheaper than learning from players. Learning from another player is marginally cheaper than learning from yourself; the cost saving is dependent on the ratio between your level and their effective teaching bonus.

These graphs show the cost of advancing via various means:

XPlearn0 300.gif XPlearn300 600.gif
Cost of advancing 1 level
(levels 0 to 300)
Cost of advancing 1 level
(levels 300 to 600)

Death and losing XP

The only way to lose XP without spending it is to die. What happens next depends on how the player is brought to life again:

  • If raised, then they come back to life with no XP.
  • If resurrected, then they will come back with a percentage of their former XP dependent on the Pishite's skills.

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