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*Non-component vegetales which can be found in the gardens include:
*Non-component vegetables which can be found in the gardens include:
**[[Cabbage (food) | Cabbage]]
**[[Cabbage (food) | Cabbage]]

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Ethel Applebaum's cottage is in Scrogden, and has a particularly large selection of bottles.


Only Ethel is at her cottage.


  • There is a stove over which potions can be brewed.
  • A grinder is available for grinding herbs.
  • The shadoof outside the cottage is a water source; 'pull down on pole' to refill it.


There aren't any components in Ethel's cottage per-se, but the nearby garden (from the cottage: ne, nw, n, w, w, n) has lots of herbs and vegetables:

  • The southeast garden has various vegetables. Gatherable component veggies include:
  • The northeast garden has (as well as other non-component herbs):
  • Southwest of the garden has:
  • An owl feather can be obtained from the owl in the tree to the southwest of the garden. To get it:
    • Find Hughoc Gatewood somewhere in or near the garden.
    • Ask him to fix the swing.
    • Go back to the tree and ask him again to fix the swing.
    • Swing on the swing
    • 'Get feather from tree'
  • Spiders can be found in the attic of Hughoc's cabin. Syntax is 'get spider'. Look in the nearby outhouse for the key.

Other items of interest

  • There is a basket in Ethel's cottage that contains many different coloured bottles.
  • Non-component herbs and flowers which can be found in the gardens include:
  • Non-component vegetables which can be found in the gardens include:
    • Cabbage
    • Tomato
    • There are additional veggies listed, but they do not seem to be able to be picked.