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The following shops can be found in Escrow.
The following shops can be found in Escrow.
*A souvenir shop, {{Itemdbshop|603|Thee Toy Shoppe}}, a bakery, and a jewelry shop are on the town square.
*A souvenir shop, {{Itemdbshop|603|Thee Toy Shoppe}}, a bakery, and a jewellery shop are on the town square.
*A weapon shop and a clothing shop are on Thorn Road.
*A weapon shop and a clothing shop are on Thorn Road.
*A [[furniture]] shop is on Briar Way.
*A [[furniture]] shop is on Briar Way.

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Warning.png WARNING: Escrow is a dangerous zone with auto-attacking vampires at night. If you kill or steal from the local npcs they will throw you to the werewolves near the village who will eat many pieces of you.

Escrow is a town in Uberwald.


Escrow is to the southeast of Blackglass, and to the west of the Unnamed Town and Magpyr Castle.

Language and currency

The language in Escrow is Uberwaldean. The local currency is the Lancre crown.


There is no player council in this area.

Crime and Punishment

Attacking the townspeople or stealing will get you thrown to the werewolves in the woods. Shoplifting appears to be safe.


A narrow trail enters Escrow from the western woods and drops entrants directly into the town square. On the eastern side of the square is the Town Hall with its fancy clock. Thorn Road runs east from the northeast corner of the town square, eventually leaving Escrow. It leads to the trails toward Magpyr Castle and the Unnamed Town. Briar Way runs south from Thorn Road, then curves east.

From the north of the square extends a small side street - practically an alley. Side Street branches off into the east-west Fair Street, which faces the fairgrounds to the north. The fairgrounds run parallel to Fair Street and are accessible via a gate on Side Street; they mark the northernmost boundary of the town.

Garlic Way starts at the southwest corner of the town square, going south, then curving east.


The Uberwald carriage, Borogravia carriage, Steppes carriage and Vieux River Road carriage all stop in the middle of the town square. Escrow is the last city on the mail carriage route, which picks up on the northwest side of the square and offers a direct ride back to its first stop at the Ankh-Morpork Post Office.


All property in Uberwald is handled from the real estate stall on the town square in Lancre Town. To bid on properties in Uberwald you need to have at least 200 guild levels, otherwise you get a message about the location being too dangerous.

The following conditions apply to real estate in the Ramtops:

  • Players with property elsewhere are ineligible to bid on types of property that they already own.
  • Property cannot be shared with those ineligible to bid, as above.
  • Players cannot bid on more than one property at a time.

Player housing

There is player housing on Fair Street, Briar Way, and Garlic Way.

Club housing

There is one club house, north of the north side of the town square.

Player shops

There is one player shop, with the address 10 town square, Escrow, southeast of the southeast corner of the town square. Vampires won't enter it.


The following facilities can be found in Escrow:

  • The Lancrastian Farmers' Cooperative Bank is on the south side of the town square.
  • There is a post office on the northwest side of the town square.
  • There is a smithy near the end of Briar Way.
  • There is a tannery on Thorn Road, before the intersection with Briar Way.
  • The following bulletin boards are available:
    • The Frog board in The Drunken Magpie on Garlic Way.
    • The Role-playing, Player killers, Never wending story, Alt.fan.pratchett, Flame, Equality, and Fluff boards in the town hall.
  • The town hall also contains a club room, a family room, and a complaints room.
  • A balance for weighing can be found in the Mayor's office of the town hall.
  • The well in the center of the town square at the carriage stops has a bucket that can be filled with water to fill portable containers.
  • Vampires leave behind white ash after death.


There are no guild-related facilities in town.


The following shops can be found in Escrow.

  • A souvenir shop, Thee Toy Shoppe, a bakery, and a jewellery shop are on the town square.
  • A weapon shop and a clothing shop are on Thorn Road.
  • A furniture shop is on Briar Way.
  • A candle shop, a clothing shop, a pie shop, and Mother Dybbler's Potion Shoppe are on Garlic Way, as is The Drunken Magpie pub. The Drunken Magpie pub is the starting point for new players in this area, and is safe from vampires.
  • The Dancing Garlic restaurant is at the west end of Fair Street.
  • There is a candy shop at the east end of the fair, when it's open.


Escrow is a dangerous zone with many auto-attacking enemies.

Note that killing the citizens of Escrow will get you thrown to the werewolves. They appear as wolves at night and naked men and woman during the day. They have hiding spots not too far around Escrow. They are strong, auto-attack at night, attack in the day if considered, and will pursue you, tear you apart and then eat your organs.

Aggressive Vampires roam the town at night. Killing them (if you can!) will not get you in trouble.

  • They look like young men, beautiful women, handsome men, slinky girls, and slim women.
  • They attack all players, fruitbats and pets and use delayed pursuit.


These are rather strong npcs found on the streets of Escrow. They stay outside at night.

  • brawny man and brawny woman - They will rush to the defense of townsfolk who are being attacked. They will also attack vampires.
  • buxom warrior
  • hunter
  • massive adventurer
  • muscular hunter
  • slender adventurer


These are generally weak npcs found on the streets of Escrow. They only come out during the day. While some of the names look somewhat similar, they are not vampires!

  • lithe girl
  • young girl
  • little boy
  • skinny man
  • elderly matron
  • elderly gentleman
  • sheepdog

Carriage npcs

There's also some npcs that come with the carriages:


  • confused traveller
  • little travelling girl


  • Igor, driver of the Borogravia carriage
  • dwarfish Borogravia carriage driver
  • trollish Borogravia carriage driver.
  • dwarfish Uberwald carriage driver
  • trollish Uberwald carriage driver
  • Uberwald carriage driver
  • trollish Steppes carriage driver
  • Vieux River Road carriage driver

Wandering unique NPCs

  • Tuffy the Vampire Slayer - Wanders around and attacks any vampires she sees. Leading vampires to her is an easy way to get them killed. Sadly she does not attack werewolves that somehow make their way to her.
  • Mouldium Carpetsmith - Supplies carpets for player housing.

Safe areas

There are a few rooms that vampires will not follow you into:

  • The Drunken Magpie pub
  • The Dancing Garlic restaurant
  • The player shop
  • The town hall

Other points of interest

At the north end of town is a fairground. When it's open you can:

  • Challenge your perception with a bobbing game
  • Play a stake game
  • Play a fishing game
  • Ride the swing (beware of motion sickness)
  • Buy candy

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