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Ephebian is a language spoken in the Oasis, Il Drim, Ephebe and in the Ephebian farmsteads. It can also be heard spoken by some of the crewmen which wander AM.

Learning it

Ephebian may be taught to those of high spoken/written djelian skills in the Djelibeybi Language School, taught by Perdikas. The cost is 3 talents for the first lesson, 4 talents for the second, 6 talents for the third, and 8 talents for the last, per the standard of the school for all languages.

Morporkian speakers can get beginners' lessons in the Ephebian Embassy in Ankh-Morpork for &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 $5 each. (Note that having learned some Ephebian here doesn't prevent you from taking higher-level lessons from the other school later on.)

The Kompt de Yoyo from the Assassin's Guild also teaches non-assassins 8 levels of spoken or written for A$10 per lesson.

As a warning for those with Cmud/Zmud, parsing should be turned off when attempting to repeat ephebian phrases in Djelian - the ; is a part of the sentence, and needs to be included for the statement to be correct. This can be done by clicking on the computer icon in the lower right corner, next to a gun icon - or, you can hit control+r.

TMing it


The Chronides farmstead is a good spot to TM Ephebian. You can list the goods of the traders who hang around or just wander around a little listening to them. Female characters can also hang out in the women's quarters where (after 10:00 AM Disc time) Rhea and Koren Chronides chat with each other. If you have enough spoken Ephebian for Rhea to understand you, you can also ask her for a weaving lesson. Also, the farmers and traders outside talk while hawking their wares.

Located within the city, the Mosaicist on Rational Street is talkative and his list of goods is spoken. Aurinax and his apprentice Optimisticles bicker in the northwesternmost jewellery store on Antithesis Lane.

Ephebian is also spoken in Il Drim, the Oasis and the PK combat arena.

Ephebian ambassadors and mercenaries in Djelibeybi sometimes speak the language when in combat. Captain Ptargos, First Mate Antonis and the deckhands all speak Ephebian on their ship in Djelibeybi Harbour.


The following are in Ephebian:

  • Road signs and notes of caravan stops on the road south of Djelibeybi, particularly around the Chronides farmstead.
  • The menu in the centre of the Chronides farmstead.
  • The tavern's menu and the general store's sign in Il Drim.
  • Signs in the Oasis.
  • The sign outside Calh-Nhad and the buttons SMOC Dihbl sells there.
  • Part of the plaque outside the Foreign Ambassadors' Reception to Djelibeybi.
  • The taverna menu in the Ephebian embassy of Djelibeybi.
  • The eye-catching poster in the foyer and the green sign in the Djelian classroom in the Djelibeybi language school.
  • Various signs, plaques and taverna menus in Ephebe.

A great way to TM your written language is to write on an exercise book in the language, write many pages, and read them regularly. Or you can engrave text on wooden and metal items while speaking the language.