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Ephebe is now live, accessible, and ready to be explored. [1]

Ephebe is located north of Chronides farmstead and south-east of Djelibeybi.

Map of Ephebe
Another map of Ephebe

Language and Money

The language in Ephebe is Ephebian and the currency is Ephebian money.

Other areas with the same language and currency include Il Drim and the Chronides farmstead.

Crime and Punishment


Killing hoplites and capital guards will make all of them aggressive toward you. After you've been killed, they will forgive you.

Stealing from NPCs and shops will increase the cost of items at shops. Costs will also be increased if you kill too many citizens. Slaughtering the traders makes you banned from purchasing goods.

If you become notorious enough for stealing and killing in Ephebe your name will be written on the bronze stele before the Citadel. The names on the bronze stele are erased once in a while.

Features of Ephebe


  • An extensive number of stalls selling many things, concentrated in the Dockside Market, Harbour Market, and Southern Gardens.
  • Banks include:
    • Bing's Bank branch on Impartiality Avenue, east side of the Harbour Market.
    • Klatchian Continental Bank along Logical Lane. Also has a vault.
  • Money changers are found:
    • South side of the Dockside Market. Currency exchanged includes Ankh-Morpork, Agatean, Klatchian, and Tsortian.
    • Djellian Embassy on Logical Lane. Exchanges Djtoon for Klatchian, and visa-versa.
  • Talker exchange from NPC Abetholegios, on the end of the south pier, east of the Dockside Market.
  • Mail and parcel counter services are found in the Temple of Fedecks at the northern end of Petulia Avenue.
  • A doctor on Impartiality Avenue, east side of the Harbour Market.
  • Smithies and repair locales include:
    • Blacksmith - forges at shops on Contradiction Close, Tuvelpit Avenue, and Hypothetical Road.
    • Jewelry - jewelsmith on Antithesis Lane, north of access to the Southern Market, and Gelon's forge on Tuvelpit Avenue.
    • Leatherwork - tannery shop on south end of Impartiality Avenue. Leatherwork command available, as well as selling hides and a leather shop. No, not that type of leather shop...
    • Wood - locations
  • Pottery shop on south end of Tuvelpit Road. Clay can be found by searching the pile of discarded clay outside the front of the shop.
  • The Ephebian press office on the northwest side of the Harbour Market, within which can be found boxes for the AM Daily and the Green Slab.
  • A ferry stop at the end of the north pier, east of the Dockside Market.
  • Very dark tunnels to become lost within
  • Looking at statues around the citadel gives more or less details, probably as a result of a people.culture.ephebian skillcheck. This might give tms.research
  • Replica of the wooden horse used in the Tsortean wars. Entering it can provide a temporary +2 intelligence stat bonus.
  • The following bulletin boards are available:
    • List boards and location as they appear
  • Component items (non-plant) to be found:
    • Ash - can be found in numerous braziers around the Dockside Market and nearby stairways. Ash is only present at night when the braziers are lit. It can also be swept from the smithy found on the northern half of Hypothetical Road.
    • Bottles - up to six are found on the table in the waiting room in the citadel.
    • Sap - several sap-producing trees are present, including: Antithesis Lane (halfway), Paradox Lane (halfway), Rational Street (north), and the western side of the Southern Gardens (5 trees).
    • Goat pellets - there are lots of goats wandering about, and they periodically leave pellets which can be picked up.
  • Component herbs and other plants/foods to be gathered:
    • Ivy seed - vines on Impartiality Avenue, northeast of four-way junction with Tuvelpit Road, Hypothetical Road, and Philosopher's Walk
    • Buttercup - can be picked from the front of a house on the dockside walk
    • Grapes - vines in many places around the city, and especially Tuvelpit Road. They can be "gather"ed in summer.
    • Olives - bushes/trees are in many places around the city. They can be "gather"ed in summer.
    • Oranges - oranges are found in the tree ("search tree") at the south end of Paradox Ave and on the tree ("pick oranges") at the bakery stall in the Harbour Market. Only available in local summer.
  • Many, many fountains:
    • Intersection of Dockside Walk and Impartiality Avenue - 3 quarts
    • Plaza at intersection of Antithesis Lane, Eureka Chase, Paradox Ave, east of Southern Market - 2 gallons
    • End of Contradiction Close - 3 gallons
    • South end of Paradox Avenue - 3 gallons
    • Plaza at intersection of Philosophers Walk, Impartiality Avenue, Hypothetical Road and Tuvelpit Road - 7 gallons
    • Southwest side of Slouching Gardens, just southeast of Logical Lane - 4 basins at 3 quarts each
    • West side of Slouching Gardens, multiple rooms following a channel - 1 gallon (each room)
    • Park middle of Rational Street, east side - 3 quarts
  • Things not open yet - check back next Thursday
    • Real estate office - mid-way on Philosopher's Walk
    • Prison - south end of Impartiality Avenue
    • Camels [i.e., riding] - south end of Impartiality Avenue
    • Theater - east end of Dockside Walk
    • Labyrinth - in the citadel
    • Philosophy school - end of Contradiction Close


There are various altars all around the city where you can donate money, offer gifts to the gods, and sacrifice animals (from Zevgatis' stall) to receive temporary divine rewards.

  • Aegadon on Dockside Walk wants fish and will reward you with constitution boost.
  • [[Aegadon] on Philosophers Walk ...
  • Astoria in the Southern Gardens wants roses? (a pale rose chiton worked) and seems to reward you with the ability to understand all languages for a short duration.
  • Bast on the west end of Eureka Chase wants fish and will reward you with ... dexterity boost
  • Cubal in his own temple wants some coal and will reward you with intelligence boost, strength boost or protection.
  • Flatulus in his own temple wants beans (i.e., baked beans, coffee beans, runner beans, and so forth) and will reward you with ... dexterity and constitution boost
  • Offler in his own temple wants bird corpses and will reward you with constitution boost.
  • Patina on Street of Enlightenment wants books and will reward you with wisdom boost.
  • Reebox on Tuvelpit Road ...
  • Zephyrus on Dockside Walk ... will reward you by making you float.

The actual reward received is randomly picked from a set of rewards for the deity in question. Sacrificing to Cubal might for example result in one of the following rewards:

  • Divine protection for a certain amount of time
  • One point strength and one point intelligence boost
  • Two points strength boost

Note that the description for the Achievement: Sacred Stabber achievement suggests though that wizards and witches are excluded from receiving the rewards. research However, they may still sacrifice animals at altars for the sacrifice achievements.

Custom Shops

  • Old cobbler - Harbour Market stall, custom shoes and boots
  • Talaria - Dockside Market stall, custom fancy shoes


Assassins' Guild

A very small Assassins Guild branch is located somewhere in Epiolios' Ephebian Endive tavern, on Petulia Avenue.

Priests' Guild


Gapp has a small temple on the south side of the Harbour Market.


Fish has a small temple on the north side of the Harbour Market.


Pishe has a temple off of Petulia Avenue.

Thieves' Guild

The local Thieves Guild guildhall is located in hidden underground tunnels and might be a bit dangerous to get into for less nimble adventures. It's rather small, about the size of the Djelian outpost, featuring a fighting classroom, a small shop, and a room with a weapons fence, Adriano. Non-thieves cannot enter the shop. And be aware that the purse of non-thieves may be a bit lighter after a visit to the guild.

There is also an easily accessible jewelry fence - Klepton the Fixer - at the end of Ponder Alley. Unlike many fences, non-thieves can ask to list special items wanted by Klepton.

Warriors' Guild

A branch of the Klatchian Foreign Legion is located on the Dockside Market in a tent.

Witches' Guild

Nothing known yet. research

Wizards' Guild

Nothing known yet. research