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Engraving allows you to engrave patterns or text onto items made of metal, wood or glass. The material an item is made of can be identified using appraise.


In order to engrave you will need the following items:

  • A graving tool. The tool required depends on the material you want to engrave on:
    • A steel graving tool can engrave on normal metals and wood.
    • A diamond tipped graving tool can engrave on gemstone and glass and also on metals and wood.
    • A silvery blue graving tool can engrave on octiron, and also on steel and wood. While sapient pearwood refuses to be engraved under almost all circumstances, a very few highly special items such as the custom wedding rings from Jaqu Alufe can be engraved with this tool.

Engraving makes use of the following skills:

Engraving an object requires multiple stages; each stage consumes 50 crafts GP.

Polishing an engraving off an object also consumes 50 crafts GP, and will damage the object slightly.

  • For jewellery and weapons each polishing action will reduce the value of the item with 15% of its perfect-condition-value.

Adjectives for engraving text

  • poorly
  • untidily
  • messily
  • crookedly
  • neatly (the one NPC engravers do)
  • carefully
  • expertly
  • extravagantly
  • beautiful


Various patterns are available; the patterns are of varying difficulty and number of stages. The quality of the pattern is dependent on a test of the engravers crafts.smithing.black.tools bonus against the difficulty of the pattern, and will affect the final displayed engraving. The research tab has details on the quality levels.

The following patterns are available:

Book Page Pattern Stages
Brass-bound 2 Wizard's Hat 4
Brass-bound 3 Star 4
Brass-bound 4 The Academy Seal 6
Brass-bound 5 Alchemical Symbol for Gold 3
Brass-bound 6 The Tower of Art 6
Brass-bound 7 Oak Tree 4
Brass-bound 8 Scrying Ball 4
Brass-bound 9 Unbroken Circle 4
Brass-bound 10 Skull 4
Brass-bound 11 Lodging House 4
Brass-bound 12 Demonic Shadow 4
Brass-bound 13 Top Hat & Wand 4
Brass-bound 14 Last Order Tools 4
Djelian 2 Scarab Beetle 4
Djelian 3 Imposing Djinn 6
Djelian 4 Crescent Moon 3
Djelian 5 Majestic Pyramid 4
Djelian 6 Sacred Cat 3
Djelian 7 Sand Dunes 4
Djelian 8 Graceful Ibis 4
Djelian 9 Hashish Leaf 3
Djelian 10 River Djel 7
Djelian 11 Ripe Melons 3
Elemental 1 Earth 2
Elemental 2 Fire 2
Elemental 3 Wind 2
Elemental 4 Water 2
Elemental 5 Heart 2
Traditional Agatean 1 Autumn Leaves 2
Traditional Agatean 2 Snowflake 3
Traditional Agatean 3 Auriental Dragon 4
Traditional Agatean 4 Bamboo Forest 6
Traditional Agatean 5 Pouncing Tiger 4
Traditional Agatean 6 Lotus Flower 4
Traditional Agatean 7 Koi Carp 3
Traditional Agatean 8 Beautiful Butterfly

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