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  | effect = Restores GP
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  | colour = Glistening yellow

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Energy tea
Potion information
Other names
Effect Restores GP
Brewed  ?
Glance  ?
Look  ?
Ginger, borage and ground coffee.
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Energy tea is a potion which provides a temporary boost to the GP of whosoever drinks it.

Making energy tea

Energy tea is made from ginger, borage and ground coffee. It must be brewed by a witch in order to be effective.

The potency of energy tea is proportional to the brewing bonus of the witch who brewed it; a more potent energy tea restores more GP.


Upon drinking, energy tea has three immediate effects:

  • It instantly restores an amount of GP proportional to the brewer's brewing bonus.
  • It raises the drinker's maximum GP by an amount proportional to the brewer's brewing bonus.
  • It may poison the drinker.

Typical amounts for both GP effects are in the range 100 - 200 GP. Witches often counteract the poison effect by mixing energy tea with antivenom.

The maximum GP boost lasts for a period of time proportional to the brewer's brewing bonus - typically around 3 - 5 minutes.

Once the boost wears off, the drinker will immediately lose an amount of GP equal to that which they initially gained. Additionally, there is a chance at this point that the drinker will also suffer a one point penalty to their intelligence stat, which will last for 10 - 20 minutes.

The drinker's GP cannot be brought below zero as a result of the GP drain (it is reduced to zero instead), however, draining to zero GP increases the chance that the above stat drain will occur.