Endless Halls

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Endless Halls
Ritual information
Deities Sandelfon
GP cost 100 + 50 per target
Components prayer book
Required powers Movement Speech
Learned At 150 levels faith.rituals.offensive.target
Skills faith.rituals.offensive.target, faith.rituals.misc.area
Resisted By y
Angers? n
Type Offensive
Steps 3
Targets others, self
Description Transports an enemy into the endless halls of Sandelfon.
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Endless Halls is a priest ritual that puts the target or targets into a maze.


  • This ritual costs 200 GP, plus an additional 50 for every extra target. It is performed on yourself or another living thing, and it can have multiple targets. It is pk-checked.
  • When performing it on multiple targets, it's possible for it to succeed on some targets and fail on others.
  • It requires the powers of speech and movement.
  • Adventuring.direction is used to defend against it. Possibly adventuring.perception too.

Hermal of Sandelfon in the Ankh-Morpork temple of Sandelfon will perform it on you if you say "Endless Halls".


This ritual uses faith.rituals.offensive.target and faith.rituals.misc.area.


Performing messages


You pray to Sandelfon for a greater understanding of the nature of corridors.
You call on Sandelfon to forge a maze of twisted corridors out of nothingness.
You point and call on Sandelfon to cast an aristocratic Ramtop wolfhound into the newly created maze of corridors.


The opening to a corridor materialises nearby, and the Hand of Sandelfon drags the aristocratic Ramtop wolfhound into it.


A corridor materialises next to an aristocratic Ramtop wolfhound, however it disappears almost instantly.

What the target sees

<caster> mutters a prayer to Sandelfon.
<caster> calls upon Sandelfon to shape the world to his needs.
<caster>'s prayers reach what seems to be the climax and he points at you dramatically, crying out to Sandelfon in a terrible booming voice.
The opening to a corridor materialises nearby, and the Hand of Sandelfon drags you into it.

What others see

Details needed.


The target is cast into Sandelfon's maze. If the ritual is performed on multiple targets, they're all put into the same maze.


There are two aspects of the duration. First, there's the time the maze will last if not exited normally. Second, there's the time you can expect an npc to be stuck in the maze.

If you stay in the maze and wait for it to fade away, it will last for forty-five minutes, although it's unknown whether this is skill-based.  research If this has been marked on a page, it's because there was something that probably isn't known, that the person who edited the page thinks could be found out. Perhaps you could figure this thing out, and be famous evermore. 

However, when an npc is pulled into the maze, they will immediately start walking around quickly and trying to get out. Therefore, they will be in the maze for far less than the full duration, and may come out almost immediately if the exit happens to be close to their starting point. They might be in the maze anywhere from a few seconds, to about three minutes.

If multiple npcs are cast into the same maze at once, they'll all come back together.

Wearing off

This is what it looks like when someone exits the maze:

A skinny Djelian recruit fades back into this reality.

If you let the maze fade away on its own, it will just be as though you entered the

Items dropped while in the maze seem to be lost for good once it fades away, or once you exit.


An Endless Halls ward, when triggered, will pull the thief into the maze.

If the thief is killed at the same time (say, by having triggered a lot of cure wards at the same time as having triggered the maze ward), their corpse will simply drop out:

The opening to a corridor materialises nearby, and the Hand of Sandelfon drags Ilik Tanikalot into it.
A corpse falls through a rift in the air and lands here. 

Endless Halls maze

The maze should not be dangerous in itself. Moving through the maze does not harm you and the inhabitants inside it do not appear to attack first.

It is, of course, indoors.

You get a new maze with a different layout--and with the exit in a different spot--every time you perform the ritual.

There are various creatures living inside the maze. Though they do not move aggressively towards you if you only move about, some of them can be very dangerous when attacked.

Most rooms are empty, but some contain furniture... some of which appears to be unique to the maze.


You can't perform Endless Halls while:

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