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Getting Started

Embroidery allows you to use a needle and thread to embroider patterns or text onto items made of cloth, such as clothing. Embroidery requires an embroidery needle and some thread. An embroidery unpicker can be used to remove embroidered text or patterns from an item. Skills or additional details unknown, if any.

Item Locations

Embroidery (and often quilting) equipment including pattern books can be purchased in various shops around the Disc, for example:

Pattern Details

Patterns can be embroidered from designs in embroidery pattern books and from individual patterns. Patterns come in various difficulties, requiring various amounts of thread to complete. Different coloured thread can be used in a single pattern. Depending on the skill of the embroiderer, the resulting pattern can take one of eight forms - four levels of success, and four of failure. Examples of aliases that can be customised for use with patterns can be found on the Craft Aliases page.

Skills Used

crafts.materials.needlework (embroidering patterns and text)
crafts.arts.design (embroidering patterns)
crafts.arts.calligraphy (embroidering text - assumed)

Related Achievements

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