Ellamandyr's Hyaline Amulet

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Ellamandyr's Hyaline Amulet
Spell information
Nickname ?
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
GP cost 10
Mind space 15
Thaums 3
Components A silver necklace (consumed), a wand and a water source
Tome Thee Secrets of Artifyce and Crafte

Ellamandyr's Hyaline Amulet (abbreviated as EHA2 or EHAl) is a zeroth order miscellaneous spell which turns a silver necklace into a delicate hyaline amulet.

The amulet protects the wearer from becoming wet due to rainfall. It does not, however, prevent wetness from jumping into a body of water.

Spell details

This spell costs 10 GP to cast and takes up 15 units of mind space.


The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


The spell requires a silver necklace to convert into the amulet, a wand (most easily obtained by casting Collatrap's Instant Pickling Stick) and a water source as the target of the spell - this may be a bowl of water, a fountain, or any other water-filled container.


  • The amulet does not drain any GP when worn.
  • The amulet will last around one disc year, at which point it will lose its power and a new one will need to be made.

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