Elegant ring

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Elegant ring
Spell component Information
Precise dimensions No information
Material No information
Weight No information
Stacks No information
Used in Gillimer's Ring of Temperate Weather (consumed on failure)

An elegant ring is created by the spell Gillimer's Ring of Temperate Weather from a gold ring.


While worn, this ring attempts to maintain the temperature of the wearer at the state it was the ring was worn, by warming or cooling them.

It does not seem to compensate further if this default state is not comfortable to the wearer.


The ring has a limited charge. After exhausting its power it becomes non-functional, and it must be re-charged by casting the spell Gillimer's Ring of Temperate Weather on the drained ring.

The time until the ring loses its charge probably depends on several factors:

  • The skills of the caster who created/charged the ring.
  • When the wearer is in an environment much warmer or colder that what it tries to maintain the ring has to work harder, thus the charge runs out faster.
  • Possibly the magic.items.worn.ring bonus of the wearer.