Eateries (Ramtops)

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Creel Springs Inn

Creel Springs Inn is located on the northeastern edge of town. It sells food, alcohol, and goat's milk.

There is a Frog bulletin board here.

The Crested Eagle Inn

The Crested Eagle Inn is located in Blackglass, south, east, south, east, and north of the carriage stop.

There is a Frog bulletin board and a scrabble board in the common room.

Cutangle Inn

Cutangle Inn is located just east of the carriage stop in Brass Neck.

There is an entrance hall, a post office, a lounge, and a restaurant. Peanuts and various types of alcohol are sold in the lounge, and food and wine are sold in the restaurant.

In the lounge, there is a Frog bulletin board and a chessboard, and Maurice Trimbleworthy is here.

You can also "request a private room" in the entrance hall for &&&&&&&&&&&+1728 LC 1|-|-, and Vaugn Cutangle will give you instructions:

Vaugn Cutangle says with a Lancrastian accent: Thank you. Please enter private room one. The room is yours until you decide to leave. You may lock the door from the inside, or leave it unlocked for any visitors to come and go, as you prefer.

The room Vaugn indicates will be the name of the entrance to it, so you can enter with "private room one" (for example).

From inside, you can get room service and order from the same menu as in the restaurant.

The room is a no-portal zone.

Duncum Inn

Razorback's inn, with its bar, is located to the northeast of the village green. It sells alcohol.

The Fiddler's Riddle Tavern

The Fiddler's Riddle Tavern is located on the south end of Long Alley in Ohulan Cutash. It sells beer.

There is a Frog bulletin board here.

The Goat and Bush

The Goat and Bush is located near the south end of Lancre Town, and is where characters starting in Lancre Town will have as a starting location. It sells alcohol.

There is a Frog bulletin board in the entrance.

The Hunter's Head

The Hunter's Head is located at the end of the trail in the forest in Mad Wolf.

It sells one mixed drink, Lancre Coffee, and a few types of plain alcohol.

The Laughing Gnome

The Laughing Gnome is located in Brass Neck, on the southwest corner of the square. It sells alcohol.

Missy Muggins' Meat Pie Emporium

Missy Muggins' Meat Pie Emporium is located in Ohulan Cutash just north of the market. It sells meat pies and ale.

There is a barber shop upstairs.

There are two related achievements: Achievement: Soylent Greed, and Achievement: Cutthroat Twit.

The Thieves' Guild Bar

The Thieves' Guild Bar is located downstairs in the Thieves' Guild outpost in Mad Stoat. Possibly only thieves can go here.research It sells pork rinds and various types of alcohol.

There are several alcoves you can enter (with the exit name being the same as the alcove name, so that typing "smoky alcove" will cause you to enter that alcove), all with access to the graffiti.

A deep cave illuminated by candles

A large, welcoming cave is set up in the Hublandish Barbarians' summer camp.

There is a game of klondike solitare here, and Hugh has a dice game.