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There are pubs all over the Disc, which sell alcohol in various forms.


The King's Way Rathskeller

The King's Way Rathskeller is located near the middle of King's Way, which goes down the middle of the north half of the city. It's a converted former guard-tower, with the pub part upstairs.

It sells one mixed drink, Gin 'n Tonic.

A large tent

A large tent is located on the docks, south of the river and a bit east of Cockbill Street.

Le Cochon

Le Cochon is located near the southwest end of Nonesuch Street, which runs along the south side of Hide Park. It's not so much a pub as a restaurant, but it does have an extensive wine list.

A loud pub

A loud pub is located on the docks, south of the river and just east of Cockbill Street.

Stuck's Bar

Stuck's Bar is located on Speedwell Street, west of its junction with King's Way.

This is actually a coffee bar; all the offerings besides the Morka Double Deklatch will make you knurd.

The Traveller's Inn

The Traveller's Inn is located on Dimwell Street, very close to Traitors Gate.

There is a chesboard, a dart board, newspaper boxes for both the AM Daily and The Green Slab, and a top ten table.

There's an achievement, Achievement: Whiskey Connoisseur, for buying one of every whiskey here.

The Troll's Head bar

The Troll's Head bar is located in the Shades, on Romeo Street. It requires a password (written on a wall nearby) to get in, and anyone under a certain guild level will be attacked upon entering.

There is a dart board here, and Jak the weapons fence is in the alcove south of the bar.

The Wall View tavern

The Wall View tavern is located on Long Wall, northeast of Hide Park.

Bes Pelargic

A small bar (Fish temple)

This bar is located in the underwater Fish temple in Tuna Bay. It sells mixed drinks.

The Agatean Gasthaus

The Agatean Gasthaus is located on the northern base of Tora Hill, just south of Tora Bridge. It is an Uberwaldean-themed restaurant and pub. It has two parts, with the patio, the northern part, only being open during the daytime.

There is a Frog bulletin board in the north part.

The Belching Dragon pub

The Belching Dragon pub is located on Market Street, in the middle of the north part of the city.

The Buffalo Bar at the Queen's In Cafe

The Buffalo Bar at the Queen's In Cafe is located on Green Way, on the west side of the city north and west of the covered market. It sells food as well as drink.

The Flying Buffalo Pub

The Flying Buffalo Pub is located on the southern end of Long Street, just a bit west of Tuna Walk.

There is a Frog bulletin board here.

The Paper Dragon Inn

The Paper Dragon Inn is located on Rhinu road, in the middle of the southern edge of the city.

There is a Frog bulletin board here, as well as a Go board.

People choosing Agatean nationality will have this spot as a starting location.

A restaurant sampan

A restaurant sampan is located in the very southeast part of the city, past the piers.

There's an underwater area with a barman who sells alcoholic fish, meant to be squeezed underwater.

The Rising Phoenix bar

The Rising Phoenix bar is located on the north end of Phoenix Avenue.

There is a Frog bulletin board here.

Riverside Bar

The Riverside Bar is located on Azure Promenade, just south of the river in the east half of the city.

It sells mixed drinks.

The Sailors' Bounty pub

The Sailors' Bounty pub is located near the east end of Tuna Walk.

The Sensei's Rest

The Sensei's Rest is located on the east side of Champion Way, a bit west of the palace.

It sells one mixed drink, the signature drink Spirit of the Sensei.

The Tanto and Lotus

The Tanto and Lotus is located on the southeast corner of Champion Way, a little southwest of the palace.

It's run by Yu Dai Soon.

There is a note on the menu reading:

A word to the wise customer:
Keep your weapons in their sheathes
Keep your fights in the arena
If you wish to keep your guts in your belly.

It sells a few types of plain alcohol as well as two mixed drinks: Concussion, and Black Dagger.

Tap Tong's market bar

Tap Tong's market bar is located on High Tide Road, west and a little south of the covered market.

It sells two mixed drinks: a Tequila hammer, and doro.

There is a set of lost cities cards here.



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