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There are '''eateries''' all over the Disc.  Restaurants, pubs, bars, taverns, inns--anything like that belongs here.
*[[Eateries (Ankh Morpork)|Eateries in Ankh Morpork]]
*[[Eateries (Bes Pelargic)|Eateries in Bes Pelargic]]
*[[Eateries (Djelibeybi_Klatch)|Eateries of Djelibeybi and Klatch]]
*[[Eateries (Genua)|Eateries in Genua]]
*[[Eateries (Sto Lat)|Eateries in Sto Lat]]
*[[Eateries (Sto Plains)|Eateries of The Sto Plains]]
*[[Eateries (Ramtops)|Eateries in The Ramtops]]
*[[Eateries (Uberwald)|Eateries in Uberwald]]
*[[Eateries (Elsewhere)|Eateries Elsewhere]]

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