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There are '''eateries''' all over the Disc.  Restaurants, pubs, bars, taverns, inns--anything like that belongs here.
[[Eateries (Ankh Morpork)|Eateries in Ankh Morpork]]
[[Eateries (Bes Pelargic)|Eateries in Bes Pelargic]]
*[[Eateries (Ankh Morpork)|Eateries in Ankh Morpork]]
[[Eateries (Djelibeybi_Klatch)|Eateries of Djelibeybi and Klatch]]
*[[Eateries (Bes Pelargic)|Eateries in Bes Pelargic]]
[[Eateries (Genua)|Eateries in Genua]]
*[[Eateries (Djelibeybi_Klatch)|Eateries of Djelibeybi and Klatch]]
[[Eateries (Sto Lat)|Eateries in Sto Lat]]
*[[Eateries (Genua)|Eateries in Genua]]
[[Eateries (Sto Plains)|Eateries of The Sto Plains]]
*[[Eateries (Sto Lat)|Eateries in Sto Lat]]
[[Eateries (Ramtops)|Eateries in The Ramtops]]
*[[Eateries (Sto Plains)|Eateries of The Sto Plains]]
[[Eateries (Uberwald)|Eateries in Uberwald]]
*[[Eateries (Ramtops)|Eateries in The Ramtops]]
[[Eateries (Elsewhere)|Eateries Elsewhere]]
*[[Eateries (Uberwald)|Eateries in Uberwald]]
*[[Eateries (Elsewhere)|Eateries Elsewhere]]

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Eateries in Ankh Morpork Eateries in Bes Pelargic Eateries of Djelibeybi and Klatch Eateries in Genua Eateries in Sto Lat Eateries of The Sto Plains Eateries in The Ramtops Eateries in Uberwald Eateries Elsewhere