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Dwmmigh is a demon which stands in the UU gymnasium for use as target practice by wizards. It is very difficult to kill. The nickname for Dwmmigh is 'dummy'.


This is possibly the most stupid demon ever to have been spawned from the pits of the underworld. It will quite happily stand by and let you hit it again and again without retaliating whilst saying how much damage is being done to it. To balance its overwhelming lack of self-interest, though, it is totally invulnerable to mundane weapon attacks and will heal at an astounding rate from magical attacks.


  • Dwmmigh can not be killed by normal means.
  • Dwmmigh sings. Badly.
  • When attacked Dwmmigh's response indicates how powerful the attack was.
  • Does not initiate or sustain combat.


  • Dwmmigh sings a sad song that nobody knows.
  • Dwmmigh sings "Nooobody knows, my sorrow..."

Attack responses

  • Low: Dwmmigh exclaims: Hey, now! That was painful!
  • Medium: Dwmmigh exclaims: Aarrggghh! No more!
  • High: Dwmmigh screams in terrible pain.


Wizards can attack Dwmmigh by casting a spell at it. Combat will cease immediately after Dwmmigh is hit.

cast <spell> at [Dwmmigh|dummy]