Duchess Saturday's Musketeers

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Musketeers' Guild map by Kefka updated for Quow's Cow Bar


The chivalrous men and women of Duchess Saturday's Musketeers are warriors honour bound to uphold the good name of the Diamond City of Genua, and of its ruler, the Duchess Ella Saturday. Much skilled at the arts of duelling and swordsmanship, they dress and talk rather flamboyantly, their colourfully outlandish attire easily distinguishing them from the more soberly dressed city guards and soldiery.


Prospective members may join in a room called the recruiting office to the north on the ground floor.

Type join to join when you are in this room.


You can advance your skills at the recruiting office.

You can also say teach me please to learn commands here


The Musketeer guildhouse is an expansive mansion located off the southeastern curve of Dauphin Street.

Newbie chest

The newbie chest is a comfortable-looking window seat located between the first and second floors of the northeastern tower.


  • The northeastern tower houses a clock and accompanying bell that sound the hours across the city.
  • Orange trees line the entry path.
  • A fountain that acts as a source of water in the center of the courtyard.
  • To the east of the courtyard is a stable.
  • Bulletin board in the recruiting office.
  • In the southwest is Stores' guildhouse armoury, which sells weapons, instruments, clothing and other items.
  • In the south is a forge where one can fix items (except for jewellery) and commission Quoit, maker of custom flails.
  • The southeastern-most room is used only for duelling.
    • Playerkillers can challenge other playerkillers and NPC duellists while non-playerkillers can only challenge NPC duellists
  • In the dining room, you can stand on a table or chair in the dining room and then swing from the chandelier
    • You might lose 100 hp if you fail

Training Rooms


See Warriors' Guild#Titles.



  • Attacking a musketeer NPC will make other musketeer NPCs in the room join in except for Arthouse and Pathos

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