Drygur/BP Family Mission Help

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item room location
silver horn shrine dedicated to Fang family ancestors on tatami mat
jade crown Fang family trophy room in case
Crystal Katana of Woo Fang family war room in case
large golden goblet room full of sleeping and snoring servants on table
golden tiger statue north section of the Fang art gallery on table
slim ivory calligraphy brush hallway leading through the first floor on shelf


item room location
Hong lotus art gallery on pedestal
snowglobe family library on desk
Tengu’s Codex trophy room on pedestal
helm war strategy room on floor
kimono room that the Hongs use to worship their ancestors on shrine
notepad and brush writing room on desk


item room location
silver spoon attic on floor
haggis birdhouse on shelf
glass praying mantis distillery on shelf
dentures Lord McSweeney's office and financial headquarters on desk
humble calligraphy brush main tea room on table
decorative mace men’s dojo on floor
sliver bell men’s tea room on table
platinum water buffalo women's tea room on table


item room location
back scratcher Lord Sung’s bedroom on table
statuette meditation room on altar
antique tapestry quite studio on shelf
ancient Sung vase family library on shelf
carved bone shakuhachi music room on floor
shiny wood carving servants quarters on table


item room location
sphere crumbling balcony overlooking Tang Bay on floor
Fabled Walking Stick drawing room on floor
statue guest room on dresser
armour hallway outside the dining room on floor
stuffed crane treasury on floor
battered steel helmet trophy room on floor