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You can get drunk by, predictably, drinking alcoholic drinks (or, rarely, food).

A Cure Drunkenness ward can also cause this condition.


Drunkenness has a few effects.

  • Your speech will come out slurred.
  • At higher levels of drunkenness, you'll also drop things and stumble in random directions.
  • Going down stairs can result in falling and hurting yourself.
  • If you get drunk enough, you'll fall unconscious.
  • It's harder to perform rituals.

After a certain point, your drunkenness, and approximately how drunk you are, is visible when people look at you:

  • She seems slightly tipsy.
  • She is happily inebriated.
  • She is totally sozzled.
  • She is blind drunk.
  • She is so astoundingly pished it is a wonder she is still showing any vital signs.
  • He is passed out in a drunken stupor.

Curing it

You can get rid of this condition by drinking Klatchian coffee, or with the Cure Drunkenness ritual.

You can also just wait, as you will get less drunk with time.


One must be tipsy to hedgehog.

The opposite of being drunk is being knurd.