Drooling Zombie

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Drooling Zombie
Achievement information
Category Ankh-Morpork and Social
Guilds All
Level Moderate
Title Awarded none
XP Awarded 35000
First achieved by Miley

Drooling Zombie is an achievement earned by being judged by an addict-o-meter almost a "drooling zombie" or or worse...er, better? Essentially, more addicted than a drooling zombie.


In which you need to get out more. Seriously.

How It Is Achieved

Get targeted by an addictometer and be judged as being almost a 'drooling zombie' or worse. Er... better? I guess that's a judgement call. You must have at least five days of player age for this achievement to count.


This achievement is awarded to a character who is the target of an addict-o-meter and has been online for at least 1/3 of their life playing Discworld MUD, since the character's creation. This can also be expressed by the following formula:

(current date & time - date & time first logged in) <= (3 * character age)

A player's finger information (syntax: finger <name>) shows the character's age and the date and time of their first login.

The current data and time can be calculated by getting your own finger information, and adding the time you've been online to the time you've been "On since". This will give you the accurate time of the MUD server, while the time command will give you your local time instead, which will be different from the server if you are in a different time zone.

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