Double handed sickle

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Double handed sickle
Weapon information
Precise dimensions 4 x 3/12
Material steel
Weight 6 1/9
Thaums/sec 9 stable / 11 talisman / 18 max
Hands 2
Commands slash pierce slice impale behead
Melee type Misc weapon
Judge data
Speed 4 Slightly slow 4
Maximum damage 8 Quite high 8
Average damage 5 Pretty Low 5
Str Overall Attack ease Parry ease

Long Description

This is a large and vicious looking sickle. It has a solid looking wooden handle, from which extends a curved blade of serrated steel. The wooden handle is as long as a man's arm. The blade is roughly the same, but the curving of the metal makes precise measurements difficult. All in all, a fearsome looking weapon.

Appraises As

The double handed sickle is about four feet long and three inches wide. It is made of steel and could be used as a weapon of type misc.


Sold in the Druid shop.

Kefka's item database