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Creature Tanning Info
Creature information
Group Type I Mammal
Group Type II Canine
Aggressive No
Pursues No
Special Harvest None
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Creature information
Skin Type Pelt
Size See special notes
Weight (fresh) See special notes
Weight (tanned) See special notes


Adjectives (i.e., "green" or "fluffy") not included

  • Dog
  • Various named breeds
  • Various mutts
  • Painted dog (adult/puppy)


  • Dog [large/small] - Anhk-Morpork
  • Named breeds - Bes Pelargic
  • Named breeds [adult/puppy] - Chronides Farmstead
  • Named breeds - Ohulan Cutash
  • Named breeds and mutts - Sto Lat
  • Sheepdog - Escrow
  • Named breeds - Sto Plains (Cabbage Fields, Grasslands)
  • Painted dog [adult/puppy] - Klatch (Plains)
  • Ramtop Sheepdog - Lower Ramtops (Grasslands, Forest)


Descriptions are example(s) from a single individual. Variations may be numerous, and dependent upon species, gender, age, location, and other variables.


Dog [Large/Small]

The small patched dog is very hairy. She looks a bit sad and lost in the streets of Ankh-Morpork. She would likely prefer a cat flap and a nice hot meal every night, no?

  • Alignment: Neutral

Bes Pelargic

Shiba Dog

The Shiba has been a native breed to Agatea since the primitive ages. The word "Shiba" originally refers to something "small", a "small dog". The Shiba's habitat was in the mountainous area facing the Sea of Agatea and was used as a hunting dog for small animals and birds.

  • Alignment: Neutral
  • There are many different breeds in Bes Pelargic, each with own description. Breeds include Auriental spitz, chow chow, hairless, HungHungese, sausage dog, shiba, shih-tzu, Sum Dim crested, and yum yum.

Chronides Farmstead

Dog [adult] This vicious dog is an Ephebian sheepdog. She is a fiercely protective yet loveable dog. She has bright grey eyes, a thick long grayish-brown coat which is extremely scraggly, and a distinctively short tail.

  • Alignment: Details needed.

Dog [puppy]

This fat puppy is a Molossus with a wide, short muzzle and a heavy dewlap. He is brave and versatile, a very useful work dog for hunting, herding animals, guarding the house, and doing a variety of serious jobs around the farm. He has clear orange eyes and short, wirey cream fur.

  • Alignment: Details needed.



This is a very old and very lazy sheepdog who spends most of her time sleeping in the most comfy place she can find. If she wasn't breathing it would be hard to tell she was alive.

  • Alignment: Details needed.

Ohulan Cutash


This mangy white spaniel is one of the many canine inhabitants of Ohulan-Cutash. She spends her days wandering the streets, trying to keep out of trouble.

  • Alignment: Neutral
  • While there are many different breeds in Ohulan Cutash, descriptions are very similar.

Sto Lat


This tough little character is definitely not a pedigree. In fact, it's hard to say what he is. Something about his nose suggests a trace of wire-haired terrier somewhere in his ancestry, but the rest remains a mystery.

  • Alignment: Neutral
  • There are many different breeds in Bes Pelargic, each with own description. Breeds include beagle, foxhound, greyhound, hound, papillion, poodle, retriever, shepherd, spaniel, terrier, and wolfhound. Non-breeds include cur, dog, and mongrel.


Painted Dog [adult] - Klatch (Savanna)

This is a gangly, restless wild dog, with long legs and movements as skittish as a cat's. His short black coat is spattered with tan blotches, and his large, round ears are pricked towards you. A bushy, half-length tail waves behind him.

  • Alignment: Neutral

Painted Dog [puppy] - Klatch (Savanna)

This is a tiny chubby wild puppy, with a snub nose and hardly any ears. His short black coat is blotched with white and tan, and a little scrap of a tail waves behind him.

  • Alignment: Neutral

Ramtop Sheepdog - Lower Ramtops (Grasslands, Forest)

This is a shaggy sheepdog. He is wagging his tail happily, and appears to be keeping a close eye out for runaway sheep.

  • Alignment: Neutral

Bloodhound - Sto Plains (Cabbage Fields, Grasslands)

Details needed. for a description

  • Alignment: 1 degree of good
  • There are several different breeds found with hunters on the Sto Plains. Breeds include bloodhound, boarhound, pointer, retriever, and wolfhound.


  • None

Special Notes

  • Painted dogs are found as individuals and as packs of 2 to 10 (adults/puppies)
  • Ramtop sheepdogs accompany lower Ramtop sheep herds, with 1 or 2 dogs (and a shepherd) per herd
  • Hunting dogs upon the Sto Plains are found with hunters
  • Dogs in Ankh-Morpork come in large and small sizes
  • Dogs in Sto Lat may either be alone or accompanying a human

Tanning Table

Pelt Size Pelt Weight Tan Weight Breed
1.5' x 9" 5-6 lbs 1-2 lbs Small
1.5' x 9" 7-15 lbs 3 lbs Large
Bes Pelargic
1.5' x 9" 6 lbs 2 lbs All breeds
Chronides Farmstead
1.5' x 9" 10 lbs 3 lbs All breeds/ages
Ohulan Cutash
1.5' x 9" 6 lbs 2 lbs All breeds
Sto Lat
Very small 9" x 4" 3 lbs <1 lb Papillion
Small #1 1.5' x 6" 3-4 lbs 1 lb Terrier
Small #2 1.5' x 6" 6 lbs 2 lb Beagle
Small #3 1.5' x 6" 15 lbs Details needed. Mongrel
Medium #1 1.5' x 9" 3-7 lbs 1-3 lbs Cur, Dog, Mongrel, Spaniel
Medium #2 1.5' x 9" 10 lbs 3 lbs Foxhound, Poodle
Medium #3 1.5' x 9" 15 lbs 4 lbs Dog, Hound, Mongrel
Large #1 2' x 1' 10 lbs Details needed. Retriever
Large #2 2' x 1' 15 lbs 4 lbs Shepherd
Very large 2.5' x 1' 10 lbs 3 lbs Greyhound
Huge 2.5' x 1' 20 lbs Details needed. Wolfhound
1.5 x 9" 6 lbs 2 lb Painted Dog (adult)
1.5 x 9" 1 lbs <1 lb Painted Dog (puppy)
1.5 x 9" 6 lbs 2 lb Ramtop Sheepdog
Details needed. Details needed. Details needed. Hunter breeds


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