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Doctors are Very Special People who can help you out with certain physical ailments, such as broken legs and missing noses.

To have your legs set or your nose reattached, say 'please set my legs' or 'please fix my nose'.

If you have a broken leg, the least painful way to reach a doctor is by direct portal, and you will be unable to cast one yourself while incapacitated. Fellow witches can often help you out here. Failing that, contacting a member of one of the transport clubs (such as Taxi, Cabbies, or Limo) is advised. If you are being passaged to the doctor instead of using a portal, you'll need to be following the priest and standing up (not crawling)--otherwise you'll be left behind.



Rham-tim-phoon is on the upper floor of the Flintwick Building on Lobbin Clout in eastern Morpork. He sets legs and reattaches missing noses for &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 AM$5.00 each. Rham-tim-phoon speaks Morporkian and Djelian.


Igor can be found in his laboratory in the basement of the Pseudopolis Yard Watch House. He sets reattaches noses. Igor speaks Morporkian only.

help here suggests:

donate 50 dollars say please fix my nose


No Pa Een

No Pa Een's Acupuncture Parlour is on Onetwolong Avenue in southwestern Bes Pelargic. He will fix broken legs for &&&&&&&&&&&+4000 8Rh 40s. No Pa Een speaks Agatean and Morporkian.


Rham-Pat Phoon

Rham-Pat Phoon is in a stall in the northwestern corner of the east bazaar in Djelibeybi. He sets legs and reattaches missing noses for &&&&&&&&&&&+1000 DjToon 5.00 each. He can also fix broken thumbs (fee?). Rham-tim-phoon speaks Djelian only.