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The information below refers to the old crocodile pit which is no longer in game. See the Djelibeybi crocodile pit article for the current pit information.

The pit itself consists of three rooms:

  • A ledge half way between the water of the pit and the desert outside
  • The surface of the water inside the pit. This is where you will land.
  • The bottom of the pit. This room is underwater! If you do not have the neccessary buoyancy, swimming skills or gills, you will drown!

These three rooms are all no-fly/portal/passage rooms.

The crocodiles

The crocodile pit did not get its name from its shape and is almost always inhabited. The crocodiles are quite strong and pose a serious risk even to those who can swim wearing armour and holding weapons.

The procedure

It usually looks something like this:

  1. A strapping young human criminal is caught by a priest, carried to the pit by an angry mob of priests and thrown in.
  2. He/she finds himself swimming in the muddy waters of the pit, where many crocodiles move aggressively towards him/her. However, despite his/her best efforts, the criminal is soon being dragged down by the weight of heavy equipment, armour and loot.
  3. Unable to get a second to think about the best course of action, let alone breathe or cry for help, the criminal panics. Desperate not to drown, the criminal then strips him/herself of anything not worth dying for and makes his/her escape to the surface, where the crocodiles are already waiting.

The way out

Drowning or being eaten may seem like the only options, next to logging off before you die. There are, however, ways to survive the pit and perhaps even keep your equipment:

  1. Unkeep, remove and drop what are wearing, holding and carrying. (remove all;unkeep all;drop all) Don't worry, you'll most definitely find a kind (and experienced) soul to help you recover it, for now you should be focused on your survival.
  2. Swim up, (up) if you have already been dragged down
  3. Climb up. A skill of 25 in seems to be more than enough.
  4. Climb up. From the ledge you are standing on, it is just one more (and even easier) climb up to freedom.
  5. You are free! However, you are also free of all the dropped equipment. Ask someone with reasonable experience and skills to help you recover them.


You may not have to drop all your equipment in step one, but every bit of burden will decrease your odds at succeeding at swimming and climbing. Holding things in particular gives you a large penalty for having hands full and lots of burden, so you could try to just unhold or sheathe weapons.

It is up to you to decide if your skills are enough and if your equipment is worth the risk. The longer it takes, the more likely you'll run out of hp and gp and be trapped.

The whole pit is a no-portal zone! So do not waste time and guild points trying to create a portal or using divine hand, it won't work.

Provided that you can deal with the crocodiles or you're lucky and there isn't any, if you do not have the necessary swimming or rock climbing skills you may be able to save yourself anyway, provided you have a few thousand XP to spare. Ask an experienced fellow mudder to join you in the pit and learn the skills from him/her. Or self-teach.

If you feel this isn't worth the trouble and you are willing to lose a life (guild level 50 and above), you can summon your godmother to help you escape. If you've already died you can still ask her to transport you if you stay with your corpse to your starting location, but it will cost you a second life.

Remember: Your own panic is the most dangerous beast in the pit!