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Carl, my friend, you just made me laugh out loud in the mildde of Starbucks.It's getting better, the northwest that is, in its treatment of me and the family. We had the (to be expected) period of transition, but I think we've all started to settle in. The wife is still not happy with the fact that 40 degrees is a warm day, but the kids sure to freak out every time it snows, which isn't really all that often.Also, matters seem to be arranging themselves to allow me several opportunities a week to actually sit and write. The last time I had such opportunity was when we were in San Francisco, and I was able to crank out over 100,000 words in about 10 months, so I'm being very optimistic about my ability to finish this book and have it available for sale in the next couple months.How's the ol' OC?