Djelian Guard

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Although the Djelian Guard is much reduced in size since the glorious days of imperialism in centuries long past, a sizeable remnant is still housed in Djelibeybi. These loyal soldiers have all sworn their allegiance to Djelibeybi, even if there isn't much need to defend its borders anymore.


The headquarters of the Djelian Guard are located near the Palace in Djelibeybi, the premiere city of the desert continent Klatch.

Playing Style

The Djelian Guard is a very combat-focussed guild. This will appeal to some players, especially Numberchasers and other players who enjoy fighting with swords, maces, polearms and daggers while wearing bronze and leather armour and equipment more suited to a desert environment.

Djelian Guards have fighting.range.bow as part of their primary skills, however this is not recommended to advance as there are no usable bow and arrows in game.