Divine Vestments

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Divine Vestments
Ritual information
Deities Gapp
GP cost 100
Components holy symbol, holy amulet
Required powers Sight Speech
Learned At 96-100 levels faith.rituals.misc.target
Skills faith.rituals.special
Resisted By  ?
Angers? n
Type Miscellaneous
Steps 3
Targets object
Description Temporarily makes a piece of armour fashionable.
Priestwiki Discworld ritual help

Divine Vestments is a priest ritual that converts the appearance of armour into stylish clothing favoured by Gapp.


When performed on a piece of armour, this ritual temporarily alters the armour in the following ways:

  • Causes it to count as fashionable for purposes of Gapp's ritual bonus.
  • Changes the item's short description, so that it shows up in your inventory differently and can be referred to by the new name. The new name is something currently fashionable.
  • Adds a line to the beginning of the long description: "This appears to be an auriental vest at first glance, but on closer inspection you see that it is actually an iron breastplate."
  • Adds a line after the long description, which shows up if it's in your own inventory: "It is surrounded by a pulsating aura of divine suavity."

Performing it again can change the short description again: "The demure shirt glows brighter for a moment, then fades into a dark shirt. "


> perform divine vestments on steel breastplate
You bow your head and intone a hymn to Gapp, asking for insight into the
unknown depths of the world of fashion.
You call upon Gapp to make a steel breastplate far more fashionable.
You ask that Gapp imbue a steel breastplate with divine suavity.
A burst of divine amber light surrounds the steel breastplate, altering
its appearance and transforming it into a lace vest.

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