Dismal Digit of Doom

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Dismal Digit of Doom
Spell information
Nickname ddd
Guild Wizards
Type Miscellaneous
Description Sends a finger to write a message in the air before a target.
GP cost 30
Mind space 10
Thaums 2
Components index finger (consumed), pinch of chalk powder (consumed)
Tome Ae Thouesand and Onne Thyngs ae Boye cann Do with Corpse Partes

Dismal Digit of Doom is a miscellaneous wizard spell that animates an index finger, and sends it to a target of the caster's choice, whereupon it will write softly glowing message in the air before them.



Use the syntax: "cast Dismal Digit of Doom at <target> with <message>".


Spellcheck results
0 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250

The following skills are used in the stages of this spell:


Casting messages

You give your message to the finger.
You use the chalk dust to patch up the bleeding stump of the finger.
You bind a small amount of magic into the finger.
The finger quivers and shakes in your hand.
The finger crawls away through a small wormhole.
Failure (didn't include a message)
Invalid syntax: cast <spell> at <target> with <message>.
Failure (too long a message)
The finger cannot handle a message that long!
To others (in room with wizard)
Wizard nibbles on an index finger for a while.
Wizard dips the finger into some white rock dust.
Wizard stares intently at the dusty finger.
The finger in Wizard's hand appears to be trying to escape.
The finger crawls away through a small wormhole.


The target receives a creepy message via the finger. It looks like this:

A small wormhole suddenly opens four feet above the ground and a dismembered index finger crawls through it.
The finger straightens and begins pointing towards you.
It beckons.
The finger slowly begins to write, hovering in mid-air, leaving a softly glowing white trail.
The finger finishes its message and rapidly rots away, leaving only its fingernail behind.
Your eyes are drawn irresistibly to the softly glowing words hanging in the air. 
A part of you realises that even though the ancient script is unfamiliar, you can absorb the meaning nontheless:


Others in the room see the same thing, except that the finger points towards the target and the last line reads:

You do not recognise the alphabet or the language used, however, so the meaning of the message is lost on you.

A fingernail is left behind:

This is a creepily genuine fingernail, fresh (well, maybe) from an index finger.

A witch can use Goodie Whemper's Apple Divination on the fingernail left behind to find out the name of the person who cast the spell.

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