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Command information
GP Cost 40
Learnt At 60 Covert.items.traps & 10 covert.lockpick.traps
Skills Used Covert.items.traps & covert.lockpick.traps
Items Needed N/A
Guild Available to all

Disable is a covert command that is used to disarm traps within locks.

Most or all other traps, specifically those not contained within locks, use a room or item specific command, usually "disarm".

There has been an update which means that you will gain a bigger advantage than before when you pick a lock or disable a trap if you probe it successfully first.


This command may also be used on a lock that you have not found a trap in (either because your probe was unsuccessful, or because there is no trap)--this looks like this.

On the other hand, if successful, probe makes subsequent picking the lock and disabling any traps in it easier.

Probe revealed no trap:

You start to work on Pandora's box.
You can't remember if there is a trap here but decide to proceed anyway.
You cannot see any traps in Pandora's box.

Unsuccessful disable (due to a lack of covert.items.traps):

You start to work on the trophy cabinet.
You can't remember if there is a trap here but decide to proceed anyway.
You're not sure if you understand traps enough to proceed with disabling anything.

(Note): This result is also possible when there is in fact a trap inside the lock and you performed a successful probe to identify it, albeit without the 'You can't remember if there is a trap' line.

It's also possible to set off a trap when attempting to disarm it:

You start to work on the trophy cabinet.
While attempting to disarm the trap you accidentally set it off.
A small blade shoots out from the lock on the trophy cabinet, stabbing you.
Hp: 1089 (1401) Gp: 266 (306) Xp: 66920

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