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*[http://dw.daftjunk.com/Sto_Plains.png Kefka's Map of Sto Plains]
*[http://dw.daftjunk.com/Sto_Plains.png Kefka's Map of Sto Plains]
*[http://boot.darkmud.co.uk/towns/towns.html Boot's Maps of Towns] - [http://boot.darkmud.co.uk/towns/dinky.png Dinky]
*[http://boot.darkmud.co.uk/towns/towns.html Boot's Maps of Towns] - [http://boot.darkmud.co.uk/towns/dinky.png Dinky]
*[http://discworld.starturtle.net/lpc/secure/quests.c?domain=Dinky Discworld MUD - Quests - Dinky]
*[https://discworld.starturtle.net/lpc/secure/quests.c?domain=Dinky Discworld MUD - Quests - Dinky]
[[Category:Starting locations]]
[[Category:Starting locations]]

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Dinky is a rustic village in the Sto Plains, consisting mainly of muddy tracks and corn fields.

Language and currency

The language in Dinky is Morporkian (with a Sto Plains accent). The local currency is the Ankh-Morpork dollar.


No player council governs Dinky.


Dinky is served by the Ankh River Road carriage.


Player housing

Two player houses are available along the main road on the west side of town.

Player shops

There are no player shops

Features of Dinky

The following can be found in Dinky:

  • A large farm with cornfield
  • Smithies and repair locations include:
    • Blacksmith #1 - smithy for fixing metal things, located on the main road along the west entrance to town. Also will fix jewellery.
    • Blacksmith #2 - a second smithy can be found at the farm.
  • Component items (non-plant) to be found:
    • Chicken feathers - from the farm
    • The shrieking eels in the pond can be caught (syntax: 'catch eel') for their skins. Beware...they automatically attack when you enter the pond!
    • At the farm forge you can create metal filings by destroying a metal object (grind <metal thing> down).
  • Component herbs and other plants/foods to be gathered:


Custom Shops

  • There are no custom shops

Other Shops


  • The village tavern features a bar with some basic drinks and home-cooked food.


Wandering Unique NPCs
  • There are no unique NPCs
General NPCs
  • There are no general NPCs, although various critters can be found at the farm and in the cornfields.


  • There are no guild facilities in Dinky.


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