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There is a school of thought that says that there are only a relatively small number people in the world, and there only appear to be more than that because there are lots and lots of duplicates.

Whatever the reason, there certainly are a lot of eerily familiar street vendors who insist they're making such a bad deal that a specific very bad thing will happen to them, which becomes their nickname. They're all over the Disc and most cities have their own version.

If you hang around most of them for too long, you'll probably find yourself buying something you didn't know you wanted.

Perhaps not unrelated to this force-selling practice, assassin guilds around the Disc accept contracts on nearly all Dibbler clones.

Those who have a fixed shop do not try to force-sell to unsuspecting customers, possibly because they worry that an angry mob could set fire to their shop, perhaps with the owner tied up inside for good measure.

Area / City Where in that locale Salesperson Nickname Product sold Force sells Contractable
Ephebian desert Oasis Cut Me Own Hand Off Dhblah CMOHO, Hand sticks of candied sultanas [1] Yes Yes
Ankh-Morpork Near the plaza of Broken Moons Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler CMOT, Throat sausages-in-buns [2] Yes Yes
Bes Pelargic Near Market street Disembowel-Meself-Honourably Dibhala DHM hundred year old eggs [3] Yes Yes
Copperhead Stall in the square Shave-Me-Own-Beard Dibk'larz SMOB general store, gems bits No No
Djelibeybi Djelibeybi Harbour's covered market May-I-be-Dipped-in-My-Own-Grease Dih-bah-lah Grease deep-fried anything (fruitbats?!) No Yes
Calh-Nhad Just inside the gates Scuttle Me Own Canoe Dihbl SMOC, Canoe button badges Yes Yes
Genua Honest Joe's Used Horses Sleep-With-Me-Own-Fishes DiBlarr Sleep used horses and carriages but they're sold out for the next 5 years [4] No Yes
Escrow Mother Dybbler's Potion Shoppe on Garlic Way Stake-Me-Own-Heart Dybbler SMOH dubious potions [5] No Yes
Ankh-Morpork Temple of Small Gods Strike-Meself-With-Lightning Dhibbjaramasphelopetalon Dhibbjar, S.M.W.L. relics [6] No No
Klatch PK combat arena Throw-Myself-To-The-Lions Dublar TMTTL odd animal parts fast food Yes Yes
Turnwise ocean Isle of Tonahamen Wreck-Me-Own-Boat Thursday Thursday coconuts Yes Yes
Area / City Where in that locale Salesperson Nickname Product sold Force sells Contractable

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