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Deity points are needed and used when performing rituals using faith rods by priests or followers.


Excommunicated players (heretics) cannot use nor add deity points:

Adding to the deity pool

You can add deity points to your god's deity pool with:

  • Pray (+? points), but not when praying for others or praying to a deity you do not worship
  • Meditate on obsecration (+5 points)
  • Ritual burial (+5 points)

Using (reducing) the deity pool

While the pool is empty faith rods do not work and there is no benefits from obsecrate settings.

Faith rods

Each perform of rituals using faith rods uses deity points.

  • Only the performer's deity pool is used, faith rods are consecrated to transfer them to another god so that they can be used by priests or followers of that new god.

Obsecrate settings

With the obsecrate command, high priests can set the deity points to automatically:

  • reduce ritual costs, up to 30% - removes deity points from the deity pool
  • make rituals easier and better, up to 10% - removes deity points from the deity pool
  • increase ritual costs by taking tithes, up to 30% - adds deity points to the deity pool

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