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This article is about decorating items. For decorating housing and shops, see real estate decoration.

Wooden boxes and instrument cases can be decorated in various ways, including painting them, covering them in fabric, decorating them with a pattern, and inscribing them with text. This can be done in a variety of fabrics, glitters and colours.

Where and What

Boxes can be purchased at the box shop on Ankh Street in Ankh-Morpork, and instrument cases can be purchased from the Musicians' Guild shop and craft room on Baker Street in Ankh-Morpork. This shop also sells a guitar which can be decorated (and smashed). Assassins also have access to a craft room in the Ninja guild, which provides decorating facilities but only sells wooden pipe cases to decorate. Binders are also able to be decorated.

All shops also sell the equipment needed - a claw hammer, scissors and a brush. Items can also be decorated in the Ninja guild, on Silk Lane in Bes Pelargic. A claw hammer and scissors are required to cover an item with fabric, while a brush is required for painting and item.

Covering or painting an item can only be done before decorating or inscribing it. You cannot paint on fabric.

Possible fabrics, patterns, colours and glitters vary based on the decorating table available in each location - it is possible to cover an item in one location and decorate it in another, etc.

Command Details

The "cover" or "paint" command is used to cover an item in fabric or paint:
cover <object> with <colour> coloured <fabric>
cover <object> with <colour> paint
paint <object> with <colour> paint
You can "list fabrics" and "list paints' to view a list of available fabrics and colours.

The "decorate" command is used to decorate an item with a pattern:
decorate <object> with <pattern> using <colour> coloured <decoration>
decorate <object> with <pattern> using <colour> paint
You can "list patterns" and "list glitters' to view a list of available patterns and and glitters.

The "inscribe" command is used to inscribe text onto an item:
inscribe <object> with <text> using <colour> coloured <decoration>
inscribe <object> with <text> using <colour> paint
You can "list glitters' to view a list of available glitters.

Skills Used (covering an item with fabric) (decorating an item with a pattern)
crafts.arts.calligraphy (inscribing text onto an item)
crafts.arts.painting (painting an item *)

* Painting is used for any part of case decoration involving painting, including decorating and inscribing with paint rather than glitter.

Help File (help decoration table)

Decoration table              Discworld player help             Decoration table

     decoration table - you can use this table to decorate specific items

     paint <object> with <colour> paint 
     cover <object> with <colour> paint
     cover <object> with <colour> coloured <fabric>
     decorate <object> with <pattern> using <colour> paint
     decorate <object> with <pattern> using <colour> coloured <decoration>
     inscribe <object> with <text> using <colour> paint
     inscribe <object> with <text> using <colour> coloured <decoration>
     check glitters
     check patterns
     check paints
     check fabrics
     check [all] patterns and supplies

     This table can be used to decorate some items including instrument         
     cases and special picture frames, jewellery boxes and gift boxes.  The
     types of actions available varies between tables as do the patterns,
     colours and materials available.
     The skill is used to cover an item with
     fabric and crafts.arts.painting is used to paint an item. The skill is used to decorate with a pattern using sparklies
     and the crafts.arts.painting skill is used if the pattern is painted
     on. Inscribing uses the skill crafts.arts.calligraphy.   

     > cover frame with blue coloured silk
     You confidently start to cover the picture frame with some blue silk.
     Cutting off the excess material, you finish covering the picture frame.
     > decorate frame with branch of blossoms using pink coloured glitter
     Carefully applying some glue, you start to decorate the silk covered
     picture frame.
     You skilfully complete the branch of blossoms on the silk covered picture
     > inscribe frame with Bing! using black coloured fluff
     You carefully apply some glue to the silk covered picture frame as you
     start to
     inscribe a phrase on it.
     You finish inscribing Bing! on the silk covered picture frame.

External Links

Deb's Music site has a section on decorating instrument cases.