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Death visits almost all of us.

Raise & Resurrect


Raise Dead is a ritual available to Priests and Priestesses of Gufnork, Pishe and Sek. It is also available through some NPCs and in some special rooms, usually requiring some interaction by the ghost, such as using the command "raise" or saying "please raise me". I don't know if any of the NPCs are language sensitive. It will restore the ghostly player to a more substantial form, albeit with a reduced constitution stat, no XP and very low HP. This is the same as being raised in the shrines and temples listed below.


Resurrect is a ritual available to Priests and Priestesses of Pishe. The advantages of resurrect is that it can restore some of the lost XP and will also restore player stats, but it will not restore HP.

Resurrect needs a lot of energy (GP) to cast, and even high level Priests and Priestesses can fail. They will then have to wait for their GP to build up before trying again. Most Priests and Priestesses do not appreciate funny stunts while waiting, and the best advice if this occurs is to "keep your hands away from the keyboard and wait patiently". Your funny stunt may be perceived as complaining about ritual failure (see above) which may lead to you receiving a reduced service. This might be, but is not limited to: raise dead instead of resurrect, no healing after raising / resurrection, no restore after a raise, or the pishite just leaving.

XP return seems to be based on several factors, including the bonus of the priest doing the resurrection, and the XP before death of the ghost. It is speculated that the return to the resurrected person is capped at 75% of their pre-death XP. It is also speculated that the higher the XP a character dies with, the higher the bonus needed by the resurrecting Pishite to get the maximum return to the character. Thus, a higher bonus is needed to return 75% of 8 million XP than to return 75% of 200 thousand XP.

No pishite can tell you what your XP return will be. However, unless you know that your XP is below a level at which a specific resurrection bonus will comfortably hit the XP return cap of 75%, it makes sense to look for the highest resurrection bonus you can. The skills website and the "who pishe" command may help. Note, however, that ghosts asking Pishites for their bonuses at their moment of need may alienate those Pishites.

Getting Resurrected

There are people who will try and help you. These are generally Pishites, who are granted the ritual resurrect, but there are a small but slowly increasing number of non Pishites and even non Priests who can also resurrect using faith rods.

You should:

  • Be Polite, we did not kill you, we are trying to help you.
  • Understand that immediately and now are relative, and may depend on your rescuers ability to first lead any groupmates to a safe area and then travel half way across the disc.
  • Warn rescuers of any specific hazards, like Yetis or Spiders in the room with your corpse. If it killed you, it may present a hazard to us too, we're not all big tough fighters like you were before you died.
  • Show appreciation. This need not be financial, but your attitude may affect the response next time you need assistance.
  • Remember that in terrains, the easiest way for us to find you is by using "find corpse", so staying near your corpse can help.
  • Stay Still while being resurrected, if you walk away during the ritual, the priest will waste 3 minutes of gp regeneration on a failed ritual! Unfollow your groupmates if they might move.

You should not, under any circumstances, complain about:

  • Response time.
  • Delays waiting for GP regeneration.
  • Failure to Raise / Resurrect / Restore.
  • Inability to retrieve heavy items from your drowned corpse.
  • The unwillingness of rescuers to die whilst retrieving your equipment.
  • Less XP return than you expected.

If the ritual failed, sit tight and wait quietly unless the priest says otherwise. A priest that has just failed a ressurect or raise ritual probably feels upset enough about it without you doing or saying anything at all. GP regen is normally required before the ritual can be repeated. We didn't kill you, we're trying to help. Please don't get annoyed at us!

After resurrection, the following commands will be helpful:

"get all from <name> corpse" where <name> is your simple character name, and
"equip" which should be done quickly so that you don't fumble items.

Please note that if you have, for example, magic scrolls on your corpse, it can be hazardous and even fatal to get your inventory before you have been healed. Players have died their final death doing this. Even a single scroll skillcheck can be failed by an experienced wizard! Wait until you have been healed. The same applies to, eg, getting and equipping poniards.

It would also be a good idea to warn the pishite in advance if there are npcs likely to attack you after you are resurrected, eg Hitmen or City Guards in Genua, Royal Guards in Sto Lat, etc. They may be able to take action to minimise the risk to you of dying immediately to such an attack, such as resurrecting you in a passage room.

Points to Remember

Remember that after both Resurrect and Raise you will need some healing before you do anything that may cause a loss of HP. After Raise you will also need a Restore or to wait for your Con stat to increase to it's normal level. Shrines, Temples etc.


"What about my expensive equipment?" you ask.

There is a club call RRU who generally try and help people who have died ion difficult to reach or hazardous locations, however the help they can give is obviously limited to suitably skilled people being logged on at the right time. If the only RRU member logged in is a weak Pishite with a moderate healing bonus, don't expect them to pull your corpse out of the snail, climb to the hub and resurrect you, or swim to the bottom of the circle sea.

Finally, if it's that valuable, you're in an impossible to reach or extremely dangerous area, and you had a spare life, then consider the use of godmother (see below).

RRU have their own website, although it seems out of date.

NPC Raise Locations

These are locations where a ghostly player may be restored to a more substantial form without player assistance. In all cases, the restored player will have reduced stats. You may need to use a command (such as "raise") or request the help of NPC ("say please raise me" or "sayto <npc> please raise me"), and some of the NPCs may be language sensitive. The known locations are:

  • Harry in the Temple of Small Gods in Ankh-Morpork, 4 South, 4 West and North from the carriage stop outside the temple.
  • The Temple of Sessifet in Djelibeybi. Ptamney is here.
  • A room West and then South from the junction of Chopsticks and Chestnut Path in the North-East of Bes Pelargic. Tu Silent Llamas is here.
  • The Shrine of Small Gods, 3 South and then East from the centre of the Market Square in Ohulan Cutash.
  • A cave in the Ramtop Mountains. This is South of the Land of Giants, on the first side path of the track to the Temple of Soyin. Watch out for Yetis and Lynxes.
  • A room on the West side of the Hedge Wizard's Guild which is located North-East of Pekan Ford on the path towards Rham Nitz, on the North-West side of the path on the edge of Skund Forest.
  • The Medicine Man in the hut on the West end of the beach on Brown Island.
  • Mrs Gogol in a tent on the South corner of the Market in Genua, North of the Docks, which are on the East side of the city.
  • Mad Priest Von Bobenstein in the abandoned and derelict Temple of Pishe in the un-named town to the South-East of Escrow in Uberwald.
  • Misty in the Netherworld (say misty) - note that priests can not resurrect in the Netherworld, but I don't think the exit guardian will stop ghosts leaving!


The NPC of last resort, the Godmother will transfer you to your start location, raise you and (as long as byou request her help in the same room as your corpse is in) bring your body along as well, but she will charge, initially just a temporary stat drop, later on she charges a life. Make sure you have a spare life before using the godmother command. If you are having problems understanding or communicating with the good fairy, just "say yes", "nod" your head and "think safe".

If aggressive NPCs are attacking the godmother, or she's drowning when you summon her, just use "think safe" after she appears, and usually that will do the trick.

Other Useful Information

Getting your inventory back from your corpse can be almost as problematic for the newbie as sorting out their first resurrection. Here is a useful alias, it assumes a player's name is bob.

alias aliveagain get all from bob corpses;equip;

This alias will recover your inventory from your corpse when you are in the same room as it, and equip all worn or held items that it can from that inventory, which should prevent fumbling due to an excessive inventory count.

Simply return to the room with your corpse and use the command "aliveagain".