Dave the Most Horrid and Foul Necromancer

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Dave the Most Horrid and Foul Necromancer lives in an underground chamber beneath an enormous dead tree in the swap southwest of Escrow in Uberwald.

The underground chamber looks like this:

Thick roots weave along the roof and walls, encircling this small chamber with their massive girth.  Moist earth makes up the rest of the walls, in stark contrast to the black granite floor. In the centre of the room squats a large black stone slab, carved with silvery runes and heaped with a massive mound of decaying flesh and bones.  One or two quite fresh-looking human corpses dangle gruesomely from hooks driven into a couple of the roots that form the walls, while piled up against the remaining wall space are several caches of well-stripped bones.  A few eerie lights, balls of greenish gas, illuminate this insalubrious place.  A narrow tunnel leads up above ground and into the marsh.
There is one obvious exit: up.
A skeleton warrior and Dave the Most Horrid and Foul Necromancer are standing here.

A skeleton warrior.
A walking corpse.  Bits look like they're about to fall off, or already have.  It looks slightly
out-of-touch with the world, and very fierce.
It is in good shape.
It is standing.
Holding : a long sword (left hand).
Wearing : a pair of hobnailed boots, a pair of black wool trousers and a white cotton shirt.

Dave the Most Horrid and Foul Necromancer.
He is a young man with a thick crop of bright red hair.  He is very pale with not even the glimpse of a muscle
underneath his white flesh.  Something in the way that he stands, however, seems to give him the appearance of
being quite sure of his own superiority.
He is in good shape.
He is standing.
He is surrounded by a hazy glow containing intense bands of red.
He has a large wooden shield floating around him.
Holding : a blackened iron staff (left hand and right hand).
Wearing : a pair of ornate black boots, a pair of ornate bone greaves, a pair of plaid breeches, a black
          tunic, a small satchel, an ornate bone helmet and a twisted black amulet.
Carrying: a chicken tail feather, a cured human skin, six cured human hearts, a small wooden shield, four
          small copper knives and a bone knife.

It takes a bit of time to open the entrance to his chamber so Dave has time to prepare a bit before you meet him.

While he doesn't attack when you enter, once combat is engaged he likes to cast nasty spells that kill you a lot.