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  | Ranged-type = Thrown
  | Ranged-type = Thrown
  | Thrown = pathetic
  | Thrown = pathetic
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Weapon information
Precise dimensions 3/12 x 1/12
Material metal
Weight 1/9
Thaums/sec 2 stable / 3 talisman / 5 max
Hands 1
Commands none
Melee type None
Ranged type Thrown
Judge data
Thrown judge pathetic

Long Description

This is a small dart, the kind that would be fired from a blowpipe. It is basically a metal point with a few cut down feathers running along its length. The sharp tip is scored with half a dozen grooves which would hold a liquid if dipped into it.

Appraises As

The dart is three inches long and an inch wide. It is made of metal and could be used as a weapon. It can hold less than a shot.


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