Darkened stile

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Darkened stile
Weapon information
Precise dimensions 10 x 1
Material klatchian steel
Weight 8/9
Thaums/sec 3 stable / 4 talisman / 7 max
Hands 1
Commands Stab
Melee type Dagger
Judge data
Speed 10 Extremely fast 10
Maximum damage 8 Quite high 8
Average damage 4 Low 4
Str Overall Attack ease Parry ease
12 13 extremely good
12 very easy
14 incredibly easy
14 13 extremely good
13 extremely easy
14 incredibly easy

Long Description

This maliciously-pointed implement has been forged from the finest Klatchian steel. Unlike other blades, however, this one has been twisted during its forging in such a way that it resembles the tight spiral of an animal's horn. It looks eminently suitable for slipping between the ribs of any terminally inobservant victims who happen to be in the vicinity.

Appraises As

The darkened stile is about nine inches long and an inch wide. It is made of klatchian steel and could be used as a weapon of type dagger. It is in excellent condition.


Found on a stealthy NPC in Ephebe