Dark mahogany piano

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Dark mahogany piano
Musical instruments Information
Type Keyboard
Tuneable No
Mallet No
To play, must be... On ground
Size unknown
Weight unknown
Material unknown
Other unknown


This venerable old upright piano has seen a fair bit of use in its lifetime. Still, it appears to have been well looked after all that time and is still in remarkably good condition, its beautiful dark mahogany shining in what little light it finds. A matching stool stands before it.

Where Found

Public Area


  • None.



Bonus Range Message
210 Showing no real skill, you play a few clashing bars on the piano.
283 You play a few incorrect scales on the piano.
283 You play a lovely tune on the piano.
250-283 A sad yet beautiful melody comes from the piano as you skillfully move your fingers across the keys.
290 Fingers blurring, you play a complicated melody on the piano.


Bonus Range Message
210 You play a chaotic solo on a dark mahogany piano.


Bonus Range Message
210 You serenade <target> with a few painful notes on a dark mahogany piano, <pronoun> does not look impressed.

Other Information

  • Sheet music can be found on the piano. The music is randomly one of "Uberwald", "Blood", or "Ode to a Friend". You can find additional sheet music, including "The Vampiric Condition" by searching the papers in the adjacent master bedroom.