Dangerous zones

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The following areas of the Disc are unusually dangerous; new players should take note, and avoid them.

  • Ankh-Morpork:
    • Assassins guild: Non-members will find that wandering past warning signs can provide a fatal blow to the heart.
    • Docks: swimming can get you killed, if your load is too heavy. In this case, dropping equipment will help to surface, sparing a life.
    • Quarry lane: Killing a troll there is not a good idea as the residents might be around the corner waiting.
    • The Shades: It is always dark, usual directions become irrespective numbers and creatures are very tough and always aggressive.
  • Bes Pelargic:
    • The Medina: This is a dangerous maze (with warning pictograms outside) filled with very tough npcs who travel in groups and will attack you unprovoked.
    • The Snail: This is another area filled with npcs who will attack unprovoked. It's also a no-portal zone.
  • Gloomy Forest: Adventurous sorts will find that straying off the path can result in a close encounter with the giant spiders.
  • Djelibeybi: Cats and priests are both sacred in this city. Attacking them is a ticket to the ancient and highly cultural pits full of crocodiles.
  • Ramtops: A step off of the path can often result in a lethal fall. The roads may be bandit infested after dark, mountain roads may have aggressive yetis, bandits and lynxes on them at all times. Aggressive trolls have also been seen in some areas at night.
  • Uberwald:
    • Forests: Packs of werewolves in the forests around Escrow are aggressive at night. They also have a huge pursue bonus.
    • Escrow: Aggressive vampires appear in Escrow at night, and inhabit a nearby castle at all times. Attacking innocent villagers in Escrow will also lead to a normally fatal encounter with a pack of werewolves.
  • Sto Plains:
    • Bleak Prospect: comes alive with aggressive zombies at night.
    • Roads: The roads across the plains can also be bandit infested after dark. Aggressive trolls have also been seen on some roads at night.
    • Pekan Ford: It is wise to treat wolf trails to the South of the village with caution.