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The Disc contains a few areas that are dangerous to the young and unwary, as well as some hazards in otherwise safe areas. This page provides advice for new players on places and things to be wary of.

Auto-attack areas

These areas all contain an abundance of high-level NPCs which automatically attack on sight, without provokation. Note that all of these have prominent signs warning of the danger at their entrances. It is strongly recommended that new players do not enter these areas, as they can be a challenge even to higher level players.

  • The Shades: This is a dark and confusing maze in western Ankh-Morpork. It is filled with various tough NPCs, who automatically attack on sight. The room exits change to numbers within the Shades, making navigation and escape difficult.
  • The Medina: This is a maze in the Red Triangle district (south-eastern district) of Bes Pelargic. It is filled with very tough npcs who travel in groups and will attack unprovoked. Also, the exits with the Medina are confusing, making it difficult to escape easily.
  • The Snail: This is a spiral-shaped area in northern Bes Pelargic. It is filled with a variety of tough NPCs that automatically attack on sight, including some who wait and attack from ambush. The inner sections of the Snail are a no-portal zone.
  • Gloomy Forest: This is a dark and ... gloomy ... forest situated between Ohulan Cutash and the Sto Plains. It contains auto-attacking giant spiders and bandits. The spiders use poison and the bandits can summon more allies. There are also traps in this area. New players can go around Gloomy Forest via the well-signposted and safe 'Leggit Loop' (or just be careful to stay on the "safe path" within the forest - "look <direction>" before moving helps a lot). Players can also travel on the terrains around the forest, either walking south or climbing north.
  • The Genua Sewers: This is a maze of grilles, doors and sludge filled tunnels, and contains crocodiles which will attack on sight and use delayed pursuit. Different doors and grilles are locked at different times.

Areas which may contain hostile NPCs

These areas are less hostile than those above, but can contain hostile NPCs in certain times or places. New players should treat these areas with caution.

  • The Ephebian Desert: contains many aggressive desert lions. They do not pursue.
  • The water pastures near Djelibeybi: There are groups of hippos that may auto-attack. Crocodiles in the area are aggressive.
  • The Ramtops: Roads may contain brigands after dark, who are mid-level NPCs that automatically attack on sight but do not pursue. They can perform specials, however, and assist each other. The higher mountain passes beyond Brass Neck contain yetis, lynxes and evil trolls, all of whom are tough, attack on sight, and in the case of the yetis and lynxes will pursue players, making escape difficult.
  • The Hub and ice land: There are hostile ice giants who pursue.
  • Uberwald:
    • Forests: Packs of werewolves in the forests around Escrow are aggressive at night. (They will also attack in the daytime if considered.) They also pursue (and have a very large bonus in the skill) anything they attack.
    • Escrow: Aggressive vampires appear in Escrow at night, and inhabit a nearby castle at all times. Corpses of humans killed by vampires will turn into a vampire of <character>. Note that while npc corpses rise as vampires at the point at which they would normally decay fully, player corpses will rise before decaying fully. (These vampire-to-be corpses can be looted normally, though not buried, and are identifiable by a line that says they're twitching and that you shouldn't get too close.) Killing or helping to kill villagers of Escrow (even if you are not the one who gave the killing blow) will have you thrown to a pack of werewolves at a later time.