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Custom samurai weapon project
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This is a list of known custom yari names and combinations available from Wan Bending Reed in the Samurai Dojo in Bes Pelargic.

Description: Half again the height of a man, the [WOOD] shaft is sturdy and smooth, its [SHAFT SHAPE] cross-section designed to sit comfortably in the hand without slipping. The short, strong blade has been folded with a pattern of [PATTERN]. Though simple in design, this weapon is lethal in knowledgeable hands.

200 Rhinus


Pattern Shaft Shape Wood
chrysanthemum blossoms octagonal crude maple
wind and lighting hexagonal black oak
hibiscus flowers oval white oak
falling leaves red oak
lotus blossoms maple
climbing vines ash
a ladder
a river

Yaris with special names

Name Pattern Shaft Shape Wood Notes
killing wind yari wind and lighting oval black oak
silver rain yari raindrops oval ash

Bending Reed yaris

Standard yaris without special names:

Pattern Shaft Shape Wood
raindrops oval white oak
snowflakes oval red oak

Currently on order

Player Pattern Shaft Shape Wood
Nakula snowflakes oval ash