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Custom samurai weapon project
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This is a list of known custom nodachi names and combinations available from Wan Bending Reed in the Samurai Dojo in Bes Pelargic. There is a list of patterns and grips here.


Name Pattern Grip Notes
Shadow Rain Nodachi raindrops black leather
Jade River Nodachi river jade green leather
Striking Thunder Nodachi wind and lightning grey leather
Clouded Grey Nodachi clouds grey leather
Striking Serpent Nodachi wind and lightning snakeskin
Electrified Hammerhead Nodachi wind and lightning sharkskin
Hot Wind wind and lightning crimson silk
Hot Wind wind and lightning red leather
Opening Blossom chrysanthemum blossoms jade green leather
Stormy Night Nodachi wind and lightning midnight blue silk
Choked Tree Nodachi climbing vines birchwood
Opening Blossom chrysanthemum blossoms jade green silk
Endless Summer fireworks amber leather
Dark Beauty chrysanthemum blossoms black leather
Dark Beauty chrysanthemum blossoms black silk
Carved Flower chrysanthemum blossoms brown silk
Opening Blossom chrysanthemum blossoms green silk
Carved Flower chrysanthemum blossoms birchwood
Frigid Bloom hibiscus flowers white leather
Falling Petal hibiscus flowers amber leather
Wrathful Flower hibiscus flowers crimson silk
Autumn Tiger falling leaves tiger skin

"Bending reed nodachi"

Standard nodachis without special names:

Pattern Grip
raindrops red leather
chrysanthemum blossoms snakeskin
snowflakes red leather
wind and lightning black leather
wind and lightning white leather
wind and lightning tiger skin
hibscus flower black silk
wind and lightning black silk
fireworks black leather
wind and lightning white silk
fireworks tiger skin
clouds white silk
chrysanthemum blossoms midnight blue silk
Chrysanthemum blossoms deep blue leather
a river sharkskin
chrysanthemum blossoms white leather
chrysanthemum blossoms amber leather
chrysanthemum blossoms grey leather
chrysanthemum blossoms crimson silk
chrysanthemum blossoms red leather
chrysanthemum blossoms white silk
chrysanthemum blossoms tiger skin
chrysanthemum blossoms amber silk
chrysanthemum blossoms grey silk
chrysanthemum blossoms sharkskin
chrysanthemum blossoms red silk
hibiscus flowers midnight blue silk
hibiscus flowers jade green leather
hibiscus flowers black leather
hibiscus flowers grey leather
falling leaves crimson silk
a river red silk
fireworks red silk

Currently on order

Player Pattern Grip
Inige hibiscus flowers brown silk
Finchy hibiscus flowers white silk